Four reasons you should choose a Guided Tour

Posted: 1 March 2020 | Updated: 1 March 2020

It really couldn’t be easier to travel the world, especially if your interest lies in Australia and New Zealand.

Whether you prefer to travel solo and make new friends along the way, or be surrounded by friends and family, escorted tours give you the flexibility to experience both. There are so many aspects of guided holidays and group tours that travellers often don’t realise exist, so we have put together four key reasons why you should consider choosing a guided tour for your next holiday.

1. Be guided by an expert

Whether it is appreciating the enormity of Australia’s most magnificent natural wonder Uluru, or discovering the rugged wilderness region of the Tarkine in Tasmania, travelling to your dream destination for the first time is a pretty spectacular feeling.

There is only one thing as special as experiencing a destination you have always wanted to visit for the first time. And that is discovering the story behind it. In a tour group, your guide is a destination and cultural expert. They will know things that will blow your mind and give you the sense that they are a true local. They will become an endless source of interesting facts and information that you may never have known if travelled on your own, and will add so much value to the overall travel experience.

At AAT Kings, our on-road staff are best in class. Our Travel Directors, Driver Guides and Drivers are hand-picked for their passion, experience, and enthusiasm for the spectacular countries we live in. There is truly no one better to share with you the best destinations across Australia and New Zealand.

Brilliant at all levels - great guides, great stop off points and the scenery is spectacular. The sense of humour and level of knowledge our Driver Guide displayed was absolutely incredible and is a major reason we were so glad we chose AAT Kings over doing it ourselves.

Traveller on the Kings Canyon Scenic Climb Day Tour





2. Friendships formed

As well as falling in love with the friendliness of the local characters and hosts you will meet when you travel through Australia or New Zealand, you are bound to form lifelong friendships with those travelling in your tour group.

Spending a lot of time together with strangers may seem daunting to some, however past travellers are always eager to talk about the bonds formed and fun had as groups share meals, experience bucket list destinations and moving cultural experiences together. Experiencing these kinds of things together bond people for life.

Even if you prefer to travel solo, there is flexibility with guided holidays that allows you explore the cities and sights of the destination by yourself, before joining your group for dinner to share moments of reflection and laughter over a few glasses of wine.


“The tour was fantastic, and we made some friends for life amongst our fellow travellers, which was a lovely bonus!”

Traveller on the Tasmanian Wonders Guided Holiday



3. Roads less travelled

It requires a lot of research to discover the best destinations and sights to see when you are planning a trip away to a new region. It can be exhausting and so many sights, tastes and experiences are bound to be overlooked, some that are truly once in a life experience.

When you join a group tour, especially a longer holiday, you are guaranteed to see not only the must-see sights of a destination, but also the best-kept secrets and hidden gems that only the locals know about. With over a hundred years’ experience in sharing Australia with our guests, AAT Kings holds exclusive access to some truly unique locations, secret trails and roads less travelled that add so much value to the overall travel experience.

If you were booking a trip to Uluru in Australia’s Red Centre, you may not be aware that internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro’s latest and largest art installation, Field of Light is currently set amongst the desert in a spectacular location in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and AAT Kings guests have exclusive access to Field of Light at sunrise, with views of Uluru in the background.

Or, if you were planning to travel through the lush green landscape of Kakadu National Park, you may not know that deep inside lies a series of natural infinity pools that overlooks the park and is unsurpassed in beauty and wonder. Gunlom Falls is absolutely spectacular, and isn’t overcrowded with tourists.

“This experience was breath-taking, tranquil, mesmerising and is one that will remain with me for the rest of my life. It is a must see by all who visit the amazing Red Centre.”

Brett Holmes, Day Tours Manager

Uluru Sunrise & Field of Light Day Tour 



4. Cost-effective and hassle free

Planning a trip in 2019 is so overwhelming it can become a burden and take the fun out of what should be an exciting experience. With comparison site after comparison site available at the click of a button, planning a dream holiday can turn into a monotonous project.

When you travel with a tour company like AAT Kings, you are guaranteed to get the best deals. The bulk buying of group tours allows for significant discounts, and the package that is available as a Guided Holiday is bound to be far less expensive if you had packaged the trip yourself. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about a thing, except for taking photos! All airport transfers, many meals, accommodation and itineraries are taken care of, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey of a lifetime. We'll cheers to that!


“Very organised tour with every detail taken care of! A very passionate and knowledgeable tour-operator!”

Traveller on Kakadu & Litchfield National Parks Short Break



We have been perfecting our itineraries and products for over 100 years, so the benefits gained from travelling with us are unrivalled. With over 150 expertly crafted holiday itineraries to choose from, we offer something for everyone. Discover bucket list destinations on Day Tour, escape the everyday on a Short Break, or experience the adventure of a lifetime on a fully Guided Holiday. From simplicity through to luxury, you’re sure to find the perfect fit, all effortlessly organised and hassle free.

By Laura Vitucci for AAT Kings


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Four reasons you should choose a Guided Tour



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Four reasons you should choose a Guided Tour


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