Hobart, Launceston & Tasmania

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Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Hobart, Launceston & Tasmania

Take a bite of the Apple Isle and you’ll wish you had more time to discover an untamed natural paradise at the remote edge of the earth – a land of hidden valleys, prehistoric rainforests and craggy coastlines that reveal testaments to an ancient past. The wonders of nature await on your Tassie adventure, from the vivid hues of the Southern Lights to the tantrums of the Tasmanian Devil. Delve into Tasmania’s convict history, the fascinating stories of its indigenous people and the creative verve of a capital fringed by ‘The Mountain’. An extravaganza of delicious foodie avours, country charm and captivating heritage awaits.


  • Visit spectacular Russell Falls
  • Take a lunch cruise on the glorious Gordon River
  • Explore historic Port Arthur Historic Site
  • Hike by Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain
  • Cruise on the hidden treasure of Wineglass Bay
  • Savour Tassie’s famous food & wine at 41° South Salmon Farm, Ashgrove Cheese Farm, Shene Estate, Josef Chromy and more.


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