Bushwalk your way through Australia

Posted: 12 February 2019 | Updated: 12 February 2019

The sound of the birds, the all-encompassing fresh air and sunshine, and the overall sense of peace you start to feel when walking through the bush or through a rainforest are undoubtably a few of life’s greatest pleasures. We think that bushwalking is the ideal way to spend a weekend, especially if you, like many of us, spend your Monday to Friday typing away in front of a screen.

We live in a country that is renowned for its natural beauty, outdoor adventures, sparseness and unbelievable contrasts. Our coasts are surfing havens where the waters are glistening and blue and the beaches are the whitest in the world, while our Red Centre is home to fiery red dirt and a sun-drenched desert landscape that will make you feel right at home in the Aussie outback.

We think it is time to start exploring the many sides of Australia, and what better way to do this than out in nature, soaking up all the things that make a destination so unique. We have put together a list of the best Australian bushwalks that you can experience on an AAT Kings Day Tour, Guided Holiday or Short Break – add these to your 2019 bucket list!


Uluru Morning Guided Base Walk

10.5kms gentle walk on flat ground

Moderate level of fitness required

At the top of our list of best bushwalks is the iconic Uluru Morning Guided Base Walk, operated as an AAT Kings Half Day Tour. With the tour departing 60 minutes prior to sunrise, early risers will be rewarded with the once-in-a-lifetime experience of witnessing the sun rise over one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders, Ayers Rock, as it changes colour as the day begins.

Before you begin the 10.5km walk the fiery red dirt, you have the chance to take in the sheer natural beauty and enormity of your surroundings as you begin to see the first flickers of light brighten the horizon and enjoy a light breakfast and coffee. You will be led by a local guide who will enlighten you on the significance of the region to the Anangu people, the aboriginal owners of the land, and the iconic rock art the region is renowned for.

Visit sacred sites Kuniya Pitu, Mala Walk, and Lungkata Walk, while learning about the sacred Tjukurpa (creation) story of the Mala People. Then, find an unexpected desert oasis as you discover Kantju Gorge, the tallest waterfall in Central Australia, and the picturesque Mutitjulu Waterhole.

If you feel that despite having lived in the ‘Land Down Under’ your whole life, you have never had a truly authentic outback experience, then a trip to Central Australia that includes the Uluru guided base walk will change that completely – the red dirt and the unique and unbelievable natural wonders and wildlife will make you feel right at home and we promise it will become a destination you will want to explore more and more of.


 Mala Walk 0836


Kings Canyon Scenic Climb

6kms, 3 hours Canyon Rim Walk

Moderate level of fitness required

Still in the Red Centre, the next stop on our bushwalk around Australia is Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park. Kings Canyon is a truly unique natural paradise that is also sacred ground for the Ulpanyali and Lilla people, and features soaring sandstone walls, unexpected desert waterholes, and unique wildlife and plantlife.

The rocky and at times unsteady climb to the rim of Kings Canyon will all be worth it when you experience the extraordinary scenery of Watarrka National Park from the top – what we like to call a pinch yourself moment. Climb up a 100-metre cliff face before walking around the rim of the canyon as you marvel at the awe-inspiring sandstone walls, grottos, chasms and cliffs along the way.

The most spectacular element of this bushwalk however, is the Garden of Eden, a natural spring waterhole that is flourishing with local and exotic lush greenery, creating a truly unique desert landscape that we guarantee you will remember forever.


 Kings Canyon Red Centre


Blue Mountains Unearthed

Low level of fitness required

Depending on where you are located, the Blue Mountains National Park may be a bit more accessible to explore, especially if you are a Sydneysider. Located only just over an hour away from Sydney, the picturesque Blue Mountains make for the perfect day trip or weekend getaway with plenty of lush green land to discover and bushwalk your way through.

At Echo Point, be rewarded by views of the iconic Three Sisters rock formation and learn about the abundant flora and fauna that surrounds it as you will be joined by a passionate and experienced Guide. On the AAT Kings Blue Mountains Unearthed Day Tour, you will visit the must-see highlights, including the Megalong Valley, Jamison Valley and Leura Cascades.

Enjoy a day out of the hustle and bustle of the city on this adventure through the lush green landscape of the Blue Mountains National Park.


IMG 4261


Freycinet National Park and Tarkine Wilderness Region

Low level of fitness required

Discover an untamed natural paradise at the remote edge of the earth – a land of hidden valleys, unbelievable rainforests and craggy coastlines that will make you wonder why you have never visited this amazing region before.

Freycinet National Park on Tassie’s East Coast is an absolute must-do on any nature lovers bucket list. It features stunning secluded white sandy beaches, including the iconic Wineglass Bay, rocky headlands and lush greenery that you will never want to leave. The sprawling wilderness of Freycinet is also a haven for birdwatchers, as you may get the opportunity to see white bellied sea-eagles as your National Park Ranger guide leads you through the breathtaking land.

The Tarkine Wilderness region is Australia’s largest cool temperature rainforest and is truly a hidden treasure that we want to encourage all Aussies to explore. On an AAT Kings Guided Holiday, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the iconic destination as your guide fills you in on all of the big and little details you would have never known if you had travelled by yourself. Do yourself a favour and visit Tasmania for your next holiday.


wineglass bay freycinet tas


Daintree Walkabout

Low level of fitness required

Make your way up to the top of Australia, just north of Cairns and you will find the largest tropical rainforest in Australia, the Daintree. The Daintree Rainforest is unique in that it is only destination in the world where two World Heritage Listed sites meet, as it is situated beside the iconic Great Barrier Reef, and it is also one of the oldest surviving rainforests in the world, so you are bound to be exposed to some extraordinary wildlife as you explore the lush greenery. It is an absolute paradise for bird-watchers and nature lovers.

The Daintree National Park is split in two distinct sections, Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation, that would take at least four days to fully explore. On the AAT Kings Full Day Tour Daintree Walkabout, discover Mossman Gorge and be treated to the very best of what there is to see in this spectacular destination. You will be treated to a guided rainforest walk along private tracks, visiting sacred places and culturally significant sites, as your experienced indigenous guides demonstrate traditional plants use, bush tucker sources, share their dreamtime legends and explain the history of cave paintings.


daintree rainforest qld1


Australia is blessed with an array of contrasting natural wonders, landscapes and wildlife, so it is time to start exploring today and book your next holiday in Australia!

By Laura Vitucci for AAT Kings


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Bushwalk your way through Australia



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Bushwalk your way through Australia


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