Freycinet National Park

The pristine wilderness of Tasmania is what draws in visitors and Freycinet National Park is just that. It is on every visitor's must see list, which is why you'll explore this beautiful par- of the region, a short two and half hour drive from Hobart.

Named after one of the Freycinet brothers who worked as senior officers on French Explorer Nicholas Baudin in the 1800's, it attracted sealers and whalers from Europe with whale oil exported to Britain. In later years, sheep and grazing took place and tin mining.

These days, when you travel along the east coast you'll see rising from the waters are pink granite mountains surrounding secluded bays and white sandy beaches. Ideal for bird watchers, you may get the opportunity to see white-bellied-sea-eagles while you're there. Enjoy a guided walk with a National Park Ranger of this park on your escorted coach tour and admire the views of the most scenic coastline.

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