Exploring the waterfalls of the Top End!

Posted: 2 August 2016

The sun was burning, the humidity was extreme and we’d been driving for an hour and a half. We hopped off the coach, eager to climb down the 150 stairs that would lead us to Florence Falls. After a quick pit stop at the viewing platform to catch our first glimpse of the two cascading waterfalls, we continued.

At the bottom, we crossed over a small, freshwater, crystal clear creek. The falls were out of sight, but we could hear water crashing down into the rocky pool. After manoeuvring over and around a few small boulders we had finally arrived.

florence falls litchfield blog

Florence Falls

Pictures were taken and then shoes were coming off as everyone made their way into the refreshing waterfalls. It was a hard task to swim to the base of the falls and I highly recommend you do it without holding a waterproof camera in your hand. But it was worth the struggle to experience the power of the water falling onto your head and giving you what could be considered an ‘outback shower’.

Experience an oasis of waterfalls only 2 hours south of Darwin

The falls, the swimming hole and its surrounds were incredibly beautiful and natural. We could have spent all day here lying on rocks, taking underwater pictures and basking in the sun, but we had to press on, so we scaled the 150ish stairs again. This time it was a little more difficult as we were going up, not down (there is an alternative trail to take if stairs aren’t your thing).

wangi falls litchfield blog

Wangi Falls

Wangi Falls and the termite mounds were calling. We boarded the coach and continued on our mini outback adventure, certain that it couldn’t get any better than what we had already experienced...but oh how we were wrong!

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By Ash Fanning, Creator of Travel into Living


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Exploring the waterfalls of the Top End!



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Exploring the waterfalls of the Top End!


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