Discovering the Top End with AAT Kings

Posted: 11 August 2014 | Updated: 2 August 2016

I’m guilty of not exploring our big backyard. My friends and colleagues will attest to the fact that I jump on planes and holiday overseas any chance I get. So when I was given the opportunity to travel to the Top End of Australia earlier this year to learn more about AAT Kings products my eyes were opened – I’ve been missing out!

Our trip started in Darwin where we visited the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, the Darwin Military Museum and the remaining historic WWII bunkers found in Charles Darwin National Park. We also strolled through the beautiful botanic gardens where I was introduced to the Green Tree Ant, a yellow and lime green coloured ant that lives in trees and apparently tastes like lemon. Did I try it? No way…I wasn’t sure if Rob, our Driver Guide was pulling my leg!

This was the first time I’d travelled with a Driver Guide and it was a great experience. For me, there were a few obvious advantages:

  1. You tend to see more – your Driver Guide knows exactly where they’re going so you don’t waste time getting lost and arguing over directions or where the closest petrol station is.
  2. You learn and understand more about the areas you visit. When we were at Nourlangie in Kakadu National Park it was helpful having Rob with us to explain the meaning of the ancient Aboriginal artwork and the stories behind them. What you think is a picture of a flower turns out to be something completely different
  3. It allows you time to recharge and relax. Whether you’re dozing off in between destinations, catching up on your emails, uploading your latest happy snaps to Facebook or getting to know your travel companions, it’s definitely helpful when someone else is doing the driving.

If I had to sum up the Top End in three words – wildlife, waterfalls and sunsets. Yellow Water Billabong will leave you speechless, the wetland is full of fish, crocs and a myriad of birdlife. Swimming at the base of Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park is incredible (there’s nothing better than a refreshing swim in the tropical Top End) and witnessing a stunning sunset at Katherine Gorge while looking over the billion year old sandstone and Katherine River is the perfect way to finish a busy day.

So whether you’re travelling solo, with friends, have only a few days to spare or a week to explore, the Top End of Australia has something for everyone! As for me I’m already researching my next Australian holiday – it’s a toss up between the Red Centre and Tasmania.

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katherin gorge 0j0a6815

Edith Falls


Yellow Water Billabong

katherine gorge 0j0a6413

Katherine Gorge

Crocodile just below the surface!

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Discovering the Top End with AAT Kings



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Discovering the Top End with AAT Kings


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