5 of the Best Food Markets in the World

Posted: 14 January 2020 | Updated: 14 January 2020

One of the main reasons we love to travel is the food. You can learn so much about a country and its culture when you explore their delicious cuisine.

Food markets are perhaps the best way to get a taste of authentic, traditional meals for cheap. You can find anything from made-with-love pastries to fresh fruit and meats, home-baked bread and liquors unique to the region.

When visiting a new country, be mindful that the local dishes may not be what you’re used to - that’s sort of the point! There will be some delicacies that you might never understand - from locusts in China and raw chicken in Japan to Canada’s jellied moose nose. Just remember that you don’t have to try everything!

You’ll find weird and the wonderful culinary delights in these lively stalls dotted across the world. From Thailand to London, we've selected our fantastic 4 food markets to visit in 2020. 

Borough Market, London

Perhaps, one of the most popular markets in Europe known around the world. It’s simply the best place to find British and international flavours. As you enter, it can feel a little hectic, but there are several routes to follow that will allow you to see the best of the market. Restaurants and bars, hot and cold food stalls and a walk down to the river if you like.

There's the finest food over in London Bridge. There are speciality teas, pie and mash, fish and chips and a selection of delightful cheeses.

The best thing about Borough Market is the fact it captures London so perfectly, with food from all over the world. Showing the international, diverse city in all its glory.

Harbourside Market, Wellington

World-famous for its beautiful ocean-side views as well as its artisan foods, Harbourside is Wellington’s oldest market. You’ll discover everything here from hand-made preserves to Cambodian street food and classic Italian-style pizza.

You can nibble on a few exciting local delights before filling up your shopping bag with fresh meat and veggies to take home with you.

Take your time, though - you’ll want to enjoy some of Wellington’s wonderful weather while you’re out and about.

La Mercat De Boqueria, Barcelona 

This market is a colourful treat for anyone who loves fresh fruit, meat and cheese. Situated on La Rambla, in Barcelona, Boqueria comes from the Catalan word ‘boc’ which means goat.

When it opened, the market was the place for goat meat sellers. Nowadays, all foods are welcome!

Enjoy tasty tapas as you walk through to take it all in. Croquettes, Spanish tortillas, and cheese are the crowd’s best picks.

Time Out Market, Lisbon

Lisbon has been home to the first-ever Time Out Market since 2014. The market is an open-aired dream. With restaurants and bars that are all Time Out Magazine recommended. It was a market hall before then, but this was an idea by the editors at the magazine to try something new.

There are now 6 of these in locations such as Miami, New York, and Montreal to name a few and opening in London in 2020. It’s the ideal place to find authentic food that you can guarantee a food journalist has loved.

JJ Market, Bangkok

This vivid array of colours and culture in the busy city of Thailand should be a tourist’s no. 1 stop. It’s also known as Chatuchak Market.

Though It is a weekend market for shopping, the main event is actually the food. There are countless street food trucks and stalls where you can find the tastiest pad thai, belly pork and coco ice creams.


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5 of the Best Food Markets in the World



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5 of the Best Food Markets in the World


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