Northern Territory

From soul-stirring sunrises over the ochre sands of the Red Centre against a glittering canopy of stars, through to the Top End’s pristine waterfalls and wildlife rich-wetlands, the Northern Territory captivates with untamed natural splendour and spiritual allure. Indulge in the flavours of Aussie bush tucker and contemplate a different world and time in the warm glow of sunset to the tunes of the didgeridoo, timeless Dreamtime landscapes and stories that tell tale of an indigenous culture’s ancient connection with the immortal Outback – this is Australia at its most magical, alluring and profound.


  • Darwin

    Darwin Sunset

    Darwin is the northern most capital city of Australia. With a rich history and iconic natural sights such as Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks and Katherine Gorge right on its doorstep, Darwin is the best place to explore and experience the Top End of Australia. Darwin’s year round warm weather creates a relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

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  • Kakadu National Park

    Kakadu National Park

    One of the most scenic parks in Australia contains two kinds of wilderness: the black soil flood plains and paperbark lagoons of the Alligator River System, and the rugged walls of the Arnhem Land escarpment which is deeply indented with gorges, streams and waterfalls. At the northern end of Kakadu is a series of shallow lagoons and billabongs which attract thousands of water birds.

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  • Katherine

    Katherine Gorge

    Along the Stuart Highway, known as ‘the track’, 310km south of Darwin is the town of Katherine and the spectacular Katherine Gorge National Park. Here, the clear river flows between towering, brilliantly coloured walls to form one of the most fascinating river canyons in Australia.

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  • Litchfield National Park

    Litchfield National Park

    Litchfield National Park, west of Batchelor in the Tabletop Range, is a huge sandstone plateau cloaked with dry woodlands and forests. Close to the edge of the escarpment, springs bubble into creeks that have their ultimate destination within the rainforest valleys below, making spectacular waterfalls that flow throughout the year.

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  • Tiwi Islands

    Tiwi Islands Artwork

    We believe you haven’t seen Australia’s Northern Territory until you’ve seen the Tiwi Islands. The Islands are home to the Tiwi People, coastal island Aboriginal people with permanent smiles. A day tour will provide you with an insight into the Tiwi People’s culture and lifestyle and reveal to you scenes seldom viewed by outsiders leaving you with a lifetime memory and a longing to return.

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  • Uluru (Ayers Rock)


    Known by the local Indigenous Anangu people as Uluru, Ayers Rock is a place of great cultural and spiritual significance. It is not a rock but a huge bed of arkose sandstone, deposited on the floor of an inland sea some 600 million years ago. It is properly described as a monolith and is a world famous rock formation. Uluru was first sighted in 1872 and was given its English name after the then Governor of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers.

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  • Kings Canyon

    Kings Canyon

    The spectacular Kings Canyon is 100km to the southwest of Alice Springs. A climb to the rim of the Canyon will be rewarded with a view of the ‘Lost City’ – weathered rock which resembles the ruins of an ancient city and the ‘Garden of Eden’, a valley where permanent waterholes are overgrown with ancient cycad palms

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  • Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)

    Kata Tjuta

    A total of 36 domes make up the awe-inspiring Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). The tallest of the domes, at a height of 546m, is some 200m taller than Uluru (Ayers Rock). AAT Kings offers day tours to Kata Tjuta including a walk into either the Valley of the Winds or Walpa Gorge.

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  • Alice Springs

    Anzac Hill, Alice Springs

    There’s plenty to see and do in and around Alice Springs; visit the home of unique outback community services the Royal Flying Doctor Service and School of the Air, wander through the town centre where you’ll find local Aboriginal art on display, experience indigenous culture at the Alice Springs Desert Park and admire views of the town and surrounding MacDonnell Ranges from the top of Anzac Hill.

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