Uluru, Darwin & Northern Territory

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  • Meet Pete & The Red Centre
  • Meet Yuna & Central Australia
  • Meet Kelly & The Red Centre
  • Meet Shorty & Uluru Sunrise

Northern Territory

Uluru, Darwin & Northern Territory 

From soul-stirring sunrises over the ochre sands of the Red Centre against a glittering canopy of stars, through to the Top End’s pristine waterfalls and wildlife rich-wetlands, the Northern Territory captivates with untamed natural splendour and spiritual allure. Indulge in the flavours of Aussie bush tucker and contemplate a different world and time in the warm glow of sunset to the tunes of the didgeridoo, timeless Dreamtime landscapes and stories that tell tale of an indigenous culture’s ancient connection with the immortal Outback – this is Australia at its most magical, alluring and profound.


  • Swim at Gunlom Falls & Wangi Falls
  • Enjoy the changing colours at sunrise or sunset at Uluru
  • Stay in luxury at Cicada Lodge & Wildman Wilderness Lodge
  • Climb Nourlangie for views over Kakadu
  • Learn about Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr
  • Hike between the domes of Kata Tjuta


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