Walpa Gorge

Kata Tjuṯa (the Olgas) offers two walks that will take you between the 36 majestic domes, the Walpa Gorge and Valley of the Winds walks. These walks are closed in part to protect the fragile environment and also to allow the Aboriginal owners of the land to conduct their ancient ceremonies. But there is still so much to explore.

A journey through Walpa Gorge will take you along a trail that follows the natural creek between two of the tallest domes of Kata Tjuṯa. The rocky, but gentle track is a 2.6 kilometre return track that allows you to get right between the sheer red rugged walls.

A desert refuge for plants and animals, here you’ll pass rare plants and arrive at a grove of flourishing spear wood. Ending at a viewing platform between the towering domes.

Take a minute to pause and absorb the mesmerising scenery that surrounds and the vastness of the landscape. Listen out for the gentle whistle of the wind for which this gorge is named after, Walpa meaning whistle in the local Aṉangu language.

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