The world’s best art installations

Posted: 16 March 2020 | Updated: 17 March 2020

You don’t need to venture far from Australia to find some of the world’s best art. Just like at icons like the Sydney Opera House, or modern hubs like the street art-covered backstreets of Melbourne.

When you’re on your travels, you’d be mad not to make time to view some of the world’s most impressive art installations. So, while you’re making your way across the globe, try and visit as many of these art galleries, monuments and architectural gems as you can.

Field of Light, Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park

If you thought the majestic domes of Kata Tjuta were already beautiful enough, just wait until you experience this masterpiece of lighting design. The Field of Light spreads out from the feet of Uluru in the shape of 60,000 tiny orbs of light. Standing on tiny stalks, they glitter fluorescent colours like solar-powered dandelions. According to artist Bruce Munro, the exhibit represents the excitement and joy he had when looking at Uluru for the first time.


The Louvre, Paris

Is an art gallery really a piece of art? Or doesn’t the building that contains the art count? In the case of the Louvre in Paris, we can confidently say that this architectural gem is a work of art. It was constructed over a period of three centuries, incorporating design elements from traditional French and Renaissance architecture. Go and see this magnificent building complete with its iconic pyramid for yourself. Then, head inside to view the Mona Lisa. We both know you have no choice.

The Athena Fountain, Vienna

Vienna is an explosion of sophisticated artistic beauty around every corner. The art galleries here rival those of Paris, and so do its intricate monuments. One of our favourite historic art installations is the Athena Fountain, which stands in front of a beautiful building constructed in the neoclassical style. It’s also conveniently right by the Austrian Parliament Building. Two birds with one stone if you’re a photographer.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

As far as art installations go, Germany’s Brandenburg Gate is certainly one of Europe’s most meaningful. In recent history, it divided a nation, a continent and indeed a world. Now, this 18th-century neoclassical monument is one of the most iconic sights in Berlin.

HINT: While you’re in Berlin - If you like art installations that combine history with culture and quirky, check out the street art displays on some of the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall.

Silo Park Tanks, Auckland

Auckland is a city that’s able to turn even the dullest areas into something extraordinary. The Silo Park Tanks are a perfect example of this in action. Created by the street artist Askew One, the work was supported by Art Week and Heart of the City to add to Auckland’s burgeoning creative scene. The Silo designs were inspired by C.K. Stead’s poem ‘Auckland’ and contain some of the poet’s words.

Smog Free Tower, Krakow

Sometimes, art is about sending a message. And that’s the case with the Smog Free Tower, which is currently in Krakow, Poland. This 7-metre-tall air cleanser-like monument is more than just an art installation – it purifies 30,000 m3 of air per hour. Another fantastic work of art with an optimistic vision for the future.

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By AAT Kings


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The world’s best art installations



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The world’s best art installations


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