Seven ways to travel Australia without leaving home

Posted: 8 April 2020 | Updated: 8 April 2020

Whether you were all packed and ready to leave for a trip, deep in planning mode, or still deciding on your next holiday destination, we have all had to unexpectedly hit pause on our travel plans for the time being. While we can’t travel anywhere at the moment, why not turn this unique situation into a positive and take the opportunity to stay inspired, get creative and connect, bringing your favourite Australian destinations and experiences to life in your very own home.

There are so many ways to stay ‘travel-inspired,’ in 2020, so we have put together a list of seven of the best ways to travel this amazing and vast country without having to leave the comfort of your loungeroom. Read on!


1. Watch your favourite travel movie

As a beautifully vast and aesthetically unique country, it’s no secret that the Australian landscape makes for the perfect backdrop for film and TV. You only have to watch Australia (2008) or Top End Wedding (2019) to recognise the towering gorges, spectacular natural wonders and friendly local characters are what make Australia so incredible to visit.

Katherine Gorge, as seen on Top End Wedding

Katherine Gorge, as seen on Top End Wedding

If like us you are daydreaming about the outback, be sure to get The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert on your screen. The iconic widely loved Australian film tells the story of three drag queens on a road trip from Sydney to Alice Springs, it will be sure to put a smile on your face.


2. Try a recipe from a destination you love

Do you keep daydreaming about that amazing meal you had on your last holiday? Maybe it was those pancakes from the trendy Melbourne cafe, or the freshly shucked oysters you enjoyed on the Tasmanian coast. Whatever it may be, why not get creative and challenge yourself to make it in your own kitchen?

On our Outback Adventure Guided Holiday, guests are hosted for dinner by the Falzon brothers at Earth Sanctuary; a uniquely Australian dining experience. They show our guests how to make damper – which is so easy to make at home! You can find a recipe here. Once you’ve got your freshly baked damper out of the oven, take a picnic rug out onto your backyard or balcony to watch the stars, just as the brothers do during their unforgettable stargazing experience in the outback. Can you spot the Southern Cross?

Or, what about recreating this lavender themed spread at Bridestowe Lavender Estate for Sunday brunch…

Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Bridestowe Lavender Estate


3. Read a book set somewhere you want to travel to

We are so lucky to have a wealth of travel inspiration at our fingertips in 2020. Without having to venture out, you can download e-books or purchase books online from your favourite bookstore. And there is nothing a good book can’t fix…  Reading a book set somewhere you have always dreamed of travelling to allows you to escape to a different time and place. The same goes for places you’ve been.

For those missing the ocean, Places We Swim is an incredible coffee table book showcasing Australia’s best places to swim; many of these destinations we visit on our trips and are featured in our 11 of Australia’s Best Swimming Spots post.

Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park

Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park


4. Facetime your travel buddies

We share a special connection with those who we travel the world with; sharing bucket-list moments together forms a bond like no other. If you find yourself missing your travel buddies, or even someone you met whilst travelling, why not reach out and connect for a video chat.

Staying connected in these times is so important, and it is the perfect time to reflect on past travel experiences. If you and your travel buddies’ most recent trip was a Day Tour to the Hunter Valley, why not organise a virtual wine tasting via Facetime? Happy hour at home just got a whole lot better!


5. Refine your travel bucket list

In a fast-paced world, it is not often we have time to take a moment to stop and reflect on where we’ve been, and where we would like to go. Take this rare opportunity to make a list, or purchase a scratch map, assessing where you have travelled to, and where you would like to go next.

This might include researching, watching films or reading books set in various locations, to determine where it is you’d like to travel to next. Our blog posts are a constant source of inspiration for keen travellers based on your interests; if you have an interest in art, check out our World’s Best Art Installations post, or if you are always chasing the best sunset, click here to read our Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Australia post.

cable beach sunset optimized

Cable Beach, Broome


6. Perfect your Pinterest Travel moodboards

It is amazing how a photograph can leave you speechless; and Pinterest is an overwhelming source of incredible imagery. Once you’re feeling inspired and have your bucket list sorted, it’s time to perfect your Pinterest travel moodboard.

Use your free time to curate your perfect travel experiences and the destinations you want to visit by pinning images to different boards, creating destination moodboards. For Far North Queensland, we are picturing vibrant turquoise waters, snorkelling adventures, delicious seafood, and so much more...


7. Learn how to be a more conscious traveller

It is important to reflect on what kind of traveller you are, and there is no better time to do this than now. In 2020, we must make changes not only when we travel, but in our everyday lives, that will lessen our environmental impact to ensure our planet stays pristine and beautiful for generations to come.

There are endless resources on how to be a more conscious traveller, and it is so easy if you take the time to look around. You can also watch documentaries such as Mission Blue or A Plastic Ocean to become more informed around sustainability. Read our blog Sustainable Tourism & How to Travel Responsibly to find out what you can do. 

Now is the time to get creative, keep connected and stay inspired. Why not bring our incredible country to life in your own home.

By Laura Vitucci for AAT Kings


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Seven ways to travel Australia without leaving home



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Seven ways to travel Australia without leaving home


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