How we'd spend seven days in our favourite destinations around the world

Posted: 21 February 2020 | Updated: 21 February 2020

Travel without end is a dream that all of us here at AAT Kings share. There's just so much in the world to explore. From the Highlands of Scotland to the shores of Hawaii, there's always a new, incredible adventure just around the corner.

Most of us, though, don't have the option to spend a decade exploring the world. With busy lives, families and careers we love, often all we can afford is a week or two away before we have to drop back to reality. That's why this post is all about getting the most out of your trip wherever you are in the world. We've picked three of our favourite travel destinations and explored some of the best ways to spend a week there.

Of course, we thought we'd kick things off with the top of the list - Australia!

How to spend a week in Australia

If you want to explore Australia's most amazing flora and fauna, its aboriginal heritage and its most vibrant cities, pick the East Coast. We recommend starting your journey off in Sydney to visit iconic destinations like the Opera House, Bondi Beach and the Blue Mountains. On day two, hop on the overnight train from Sydney to wake up in beautiful Brisbane on day three - one of our most cosmopolitan cities.

Once you've had your fill of shopping, partying and culinary delights, it's time to get wild. Grab a domestic flight on up to Cairns and start exploring North Queensland's amazing sights, from the Great Barrier Reef to Kuranda village, the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. This is where you'll get in some quality beach time as well as explore Australia's aboriginal heritage. To get the most out of the area, rent a car and explore to your heart's content.



How to spend a week in Europe

There's just so much to see in Europe that it's hard to know where to start. However, it's possible to see the very best of the continent in just a week if you know where to look. Busabout's fantastic hop-on-hop-off coach service lets you explore at your leisure whilst keeping things simple. You'll also get to see some lesser-visited locations that will make your friends green with envy.

Fly into Berlin on day one to start things off with a bang. This buzzing metropolis is the perfect place to soak up the modern European hipster vibe before you head south to the beautiful Prague on day two. Your next destination will be Lake Bled via Munich, before heading on into Venice for some culture and refinement (and don't forget the food!). On your way, make sure you spend some time exploring the beautiful Triglav National Park for a bit of lively activity. Then, keep heading south to see one of Europe's must-visit capitals - Rome.




How to spend a week in Japan

Mysterious, beautiful and complicated - Japan is a country that is 100% modernised but not at all westernised. A week might not seem like a long time, but you can experience the best the country has to offer in one short holiday. The trick is to skip over the crazy metropolis of Tokyo as a destination and head straight for Osaka.

This friendly, exuberant city offers all the excitement of Tokyo in a space that's much less congested. Plus, it's ideally situated just a day trip away from traditional Kyoto and beautiful Nara. These three cities offer some of Japan's most spectacular sites, including Osaka Castle, Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkaku-Ji, Kofuku-Ji and the charming Nara Deer Park. With all these amazing places to visit, you might be pushed for time in your week. Those with a day or two remaining, however, should try to visit the beautiful Mount Fuji on their way back to Tokyo.

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How we'd spend seven days in our favourite destinations around the world



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How we'd spend seven days in our favourite destinations around the world


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