Best Educational Holidays for Kids

Posted: 3 December 2019 | Updated: 3 December 2019

Sun and beach destinations are always great for kids. However, sometimes you want them to get that little bit more from their holidays. As parents, you want your little ones to be able to relax, explore and learn something all at the same time. Luckily, all across the world, there are plenty of destinations that can help you achieve all that.

True learning comes about through experience, sensation and play. Give your family the chance to experience fascinating architecture, ocean exploration, world-leading culture and the animal kingdom in all its glory with these amazing destinations. We’ve picked out the best destinations around the world to take your family on an educational holiday. You never know - you might learn something, too!

Stonehenge, UK

This fascinating, mysterious collection of prehistoric stones is a great place to visit for a taste of history. This neolithic monument was built around 5,000 years ago. Why it was built - or how the 5-tonne bluestone monoliths were transported from their origins in South Wales - are mysteries still unknown to scientists today.

Pay a visit to Stonehenge and you’ll have the chance to explore the nearby visitor’s centre which contains over 250 prehistoric objects. It’s a great chance to learn about the origins of mankind.

Athens, Greece

The Greek capital and birthplace of western culture is one of the most enlightening places you can visit. Your kids will have learnt snippets of the myths and legends of ancient Greece in school. Now they’ll get to see where they came from first hand.

They’ll also get to witness some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. While you’re there, you can indulge in the beautiful Mediterranean culture and food that makes Athens such a treat to visit.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is not only a magical place to visit but also one of the best places for your kids to learn about ecology and climate change. Although it's still uniquely beautiful, the reef has seen better days, with mass bleaching events devastating it’s coral. It’s an opportunity to teach your children about how climate change is affecting environments around the world. You’ll also get in a spectacular beach break whilst you do it - the perfect holiday!

Rome, Italy

Rome is a global capital of art, architecture and culture. The Italian capital is also a gorgeous spot to learn more about Ancient Roman culture, too. Your little ones will love stories about gladiators, legionaries and ancient Roman baths.

Take a trip to the Trevi fountain and make your wishes as you toss your spare cents in, then pop over to the iconic Colosseum to get a taste of what it was like to watch a real gladiator battle. Just nearby is the Vatican City and Pompeii - more opportunities to experience the history of Europe first hand.

Museums and the Tower of London, London

London makes history every day. From the Houses of Parliament to the Greenwich Observatory, it’s a great place to discover how British science and politics has affected the world. Explore fascinating free museums like the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert to learn heaps of fascinating facts.

Visit the Crown Jewels at The Tower of London, climb to the top of the Monument to the Great Fire, board the Golden Hind and learn about the golden age of exploration and much, much more. There’s always something fascinating to learn in the British capital.

By AAT Kings


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Best Educational Holidays for Kids



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