7 Popular Family Summer Holiday Destinations Around the World

Posted: 20 January 2020 | Updated: 20 January 2020

The summer holidays are the ideal time to hang out with the kids in an exciting, new place. That said, it's essential to pick the perfect spot for both adults and kids to have their fun in the sun. If you’re going to build the perfect family holiday, you’ll need to pick a location that’s fun for everyone.

Luckily for you, we've selected our top spots for the summer holidays all over the world. From classic bucket-and-spade holidays in Europe to some truly magical destinations, the perfect locations will help you build lasting memories together.

Don’t lose the sun - it’s time to get planning!

Visit Disneyland Paris

We simply had to kick off with this family favourite - Disneyland - when picking our perfect summer holiday destinations. Since it opened in 1992, Disneyland Paris has welcomed around ten million visitors per year. That’s a lot of dreams come true!

It’s ideal for kids as they enjoy the small rides and meet the characters from their beloved movies. For adults, it’s a chance for you to revisit your childhood and take on some of Europe’s best roller coasters.

Go on an Italian Adventure

Italy has it all - fantastic weather, incredible food, exquisite culture and history by the bucketful. The kids will be happy to see their classes come to life, whilst the beaches give the adults a chance to have some peace and quiet in the sun...or you can build massive sandcastles together as a family. Pizza and pasta are always a winner at dinner time too! Give everyone a culinary experience they’ll never forget on an unforgettable Italian adventure.

See Kangaroo Island, Australia

Meeting kangaroos and wonderful wildlife is a great way to spend time with the family and Australia’s beaches, jungles and bushland offer unlimited things to explore and see. If you’re not sure where to start, Adelaide’s Kangaroo Island is a must-do for both you and the little ones. This ecological paradise is not too far from mainland Australia and has a serene, beautiful feel to it. Plus, the kids will love knowing they’re on their way to Kangaroo Island!

Visit Santa in Lapland, Finland

Want a truly magical experience for your kids? Take them to the land of Christmas with a visit to Lapland. Enjoy the snow-covered views and see thousands of reindeer before heading to meet the main event - Father Christmas himself! Visit ice palaces, go on sleigh rides and enjoy a snow walk in this beautiful frozen paradise.

Have a Greek Island Adventure

Whether you’re on the lookout for beaches, shopping, culinary treats or a taste of history. Greece is the place for all those and more. One of the most popular destinations to visit is Athens - home of the Parthenon and the original Olympic Stadium. Not too far by boat, you can be in Santorini or Mykonos in no time, too. Ride the waves and hop around all of the best bits with the help of a Greek Island Hopper tour.

Take a Canadian Road Trip

Road trips are the best. Blasting music, eating local fast food, having debates and chats with loved ones - it’s a family bonding experience you’ll remember a lifetime. Canada is the ideal destination, too, and a tour of the Canada Rockies is an easy way to explore all the country has to offer.

Grab your walking boots and hike the mountains and forests to grab the loveliest views of Canada. There are many national parks too. Meet new and exciting wildlife unique to the country such as Moose, Wolverines and Lynx. It’s the perfect holiday for outdoorsy families who love to explore.

For great time closer to home, take a look at our fantastic family holidays in Uluru. Go camel riding and see Australia's most sacred natural wonder on what will undoubtedly prove to be a memorable adventure for the whole family!

By AAT Kings


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7 Popular Family Summer Holiday Destinations Around the World



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7 Popular Family Summer Holiday Destinations Around the World


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