Gold Seal Protection

Coverage for Cancellation and Return Flight Security only $75 per person for 2016-17 season and $99 per person for 2017-18 season.

Most guided holiday companies are interested in their guests only after they reach their destination. But with AAT Kings, you get a great deal even before you leave home with our Gold Seal Additional Protection plan for only $75 per person (2016/17) or $99 per person (2017/18) - payable with deposit.

Gold Seal Additional Protection includes:

Pre-paid Cancellation Option

Your deposit and/or payment to AAT Kings will be refunded should you cancel your Guided Holiday, Inspiring Journey or Aussie Adventure* for any reason prior to departure. This cancellation option covers the land arrangements made by AAT Kings only. The Cancellation Option fee is not refundable for any reason.

On Your Guided Holiday

Should you or your travel companion leave at any time during the Guided Holiday for personal sickness reasons or be required to return home due to injury, sickness or  death, you and your companion will be refunded $40 per person per day for the unused portion of the itinerary. (Please note that in some cases hotels require a one-night cancellation fee.) A Doctor’s certificate is required.

Return Flight Security

If you or a member of your direct family in Australia should fall sick† while you are on your AAT Kings Guided Holiday, we will take care of the additional cost of tickets for your earlier or later return home in the same booking class of air travel on the first available flight, provided you hold round-trip airline tickets on AAT Kings recommended airline/s booked through AAT Kings Pty Ltd.

*Excludes Short Breaks and Day Tours.
†Medical certificates must be supplied as proof of all illness claims.