Yellow Water Billabong

The fabled Yellow Water Billabong lies in the heart of Kakadu National Park and is a must-see on any visit to the World Heritage Listed region. Located at the junction of Jim Jim Creek and the South Alligator River, it is Kakadu's largest and most famous wetland consisting of river channels, floodplains and swamps.

The best way to experience the natural wonder of Yellow Water Billabong is by cruising its calm waters and journeying deep into the wetlands. The shores are lined with paperbark forests, pandanus and fresh water mangroves and the water blanketed with vibrant white and pink waterlilies.

Bursting with native flora and fauna, Yellow Water Billabong is regarded one of the best wildlife viewing experiences in Australia. About a third of Australia's bird species can be found in Kakadu, along with saltwater crocodiles, wild horses and buffalo among others.

Watch as the calm waters come to life with jabirus, sea eagles and whistling kites along the floodplains and keep your eye out for the energetic dance of the brolgas.