Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Located around 3 hours drive north of Hobart on the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania's east coast is Wineglass Bay, a picturesque location that's often featured on lists of the world's best beaches. Centrally located on the east coast of Tasmania, Wineglass Bay forms a part of the lush Freycinet National Park that is only a short drive from Swansea. There are several campsites adjacent to or nearby Wineglass Bay that are in high demand during the summer. It's an idyllic location to swim or simply relax on the beach, and you can take a cruise or kayak to explore the area around the bay. Within Freycinet National Park there are plenty of walking tracks and areas for other activities like rock climbing or mountain biking. The park is also a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, giving you plenty of chances to spot wombats, echidnas, possums, sea eagles, dolphins, and whales.

Things to Know About Wineglass Bay

Before booking a tour to Wineglass Bay, here's some information about the area.


Recovery of various shell middens across the Freycinet Peninsula suggests that the region had been foraged by the Aboriginal Paradarerme or Oyster Bay peoples for thousands of years prior to European settlement. When Europeans did arrive, the area along the Freycinet Peninsula became a base for fisherman and whalers.

Freycinet National Park

Wineglass Bay is just one secluded part of the Freycinet Peninsula which contains Freycinet National Park, located within the territory of the Oyster Bay nation. Founded in 1916, Freycinet is Tasmania's oldest national park and is noteworthy for its red and pink granite formations along with an abundance of native flora and fauna. The area has deep cultural importance for both Aboriginal and European history, and it plays a significant role in the conservation of native species.

Coles Bay

Coles Bay is the closest town to Wineglass Bay and serves as the main gateway to Freycinet National Park. Although Coles Bay only has a tiny population of around 350 people, it's always bustling with tourists who visit the area to undertake hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and more in the surrounding area.

Things to Do Around Wineglass Bay

Here are some of the most popular points of interest and attractions around Wineglass Bay, Tasmania.

Wineglass Bay Lookout

There's no better way to see the clear waters and gorgeous white beach of Wineglass Bay than by taking a walk to its official lookout. This 1.3-kilometre uphill walk will take you past magnificent coastal scenery before you finally arrive at the lookout and are rewarded with one of Tasmania's most celebrated views. Please note, this walk can be demanding, so don't hesitate to use the rest areas dotting the path towards Wineglass Bay Lookout. If you're lucky, you'll get to see whales or dolphins in the bay below.

Wineglass Bay Beach

Of course, once you've seen the iconic white sand of Wineglass Bay from afar, you'll be sorely tempted to hike down and experience them firsthand. Luckily, there's no shortage of tracks leading down to and away from the beach, making it easy for anyone to access at their leisure. There are several connecting trails that head towards Hazards Beach and other landmarks around the Freycinet Peninsula.

Freycinet National Park

Since Wineglass Bay occupies part of Freycinet National Park, it's hard to avoid experiencing the rest of the reserve when you're visiting. There's something for everyone here, and the popularity of the area has meant a ballot system needs to be implemented to allocated camping sites within the park. All along the edges of the park are pristine waters and beautiful beaches that you can enjoy while kayaking, fishing, or just relaxing on the shore. However, the park's beauty is not only limited to the beaches and cliffs, there's a whole inland wilderness to experience that's teeming with native wildlife enjoying one of the most preserved and untouched areas of forest on Tasmania's east coast.

AAT Kings' Tours of Wineglass Bay

Several AAT Kings tours of Tasmania will take you to the Freycinet Peninsula where you can experience Wineglass Bay in all its glory. Find our related tours below.


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Wineglass Bay, Tasmania



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Wineglass Bay, Tasmania


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