Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are one of Australia’s most famous natural icons. Located on the Great Ocean Road, four hours from Melbourne, these magnificent monoliths have been photographed countless times but no photograph can quite capture the feeling you get when you experience them for the first time.

You’ll be awestruck as you witness this collection of giant limestone rock formations majestically rise from the Southern Ocean.

Formed naturally over millions of years, the harsh weather conditions gradually eroded the soft limestone to develop caves in the cliffs, later collapsing and leaving rock stacks that reach up to 45 metres high.

Despite the name, you can actually only see eight Apostles from the purpose built viewing platform as some are obscured from view around the cliff face and others have eroded over time.

Make sure you drop in to the Twelve Apostles Centre which showcases insightful facts and heritage stories, before taking the scenic walk to view the amazing coastline. If you’re lucky and the timing is right you can spot whales as they make their way along the coastline.