The Kimberley Region

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The Kimberley is a stunning region in the north-west corner of Australia. Often called the Kimberley's, this ancient part of Western Australia is bordered by the Indian Ocean, the Timor Sea, the Pilbara, and the Northern Territory. The Kimberley provides some of Australia's most unique wilderness experiences and intimate access to some of the oldest living cultures on earth. The original inhabitants of the Kimberley have been living there continuously for at least 40,000 years. Today, the population density is very low, with just over 50,000 people in an area of 423,517 square kilometres. While it takes time and effort to tour this distant part of Australia, most visitors are struck by the beautiful scenery and amazing sense of history and space that pervade this iconic land. From spectacular gorges to endless beaches, from complex aboriginal artworks to rugged outback towns, let's take a look at some of the unique places you can visit with AAT Kings.

Best time to visit

The Kimberley is an exceptional place, and climate conditions can be just as extreme as the natural landscapes. While you can travel to the north-west throughout the year, heat and rain confine most tourists to certain months. The Kimberley is one of the hottest parts of Australia, the average annual mean temperature is around 27 °C, with temperatures frequently reaching above 37 °C in November before the rains hit and falling to around 12 °C in July. Located right at the top of Australia in the tropical zone, there is a definite wet season that accounts for the vast majority of rainfall. About 90% of all rainfall occurs from November to April, and flooding and cyclones are relatively common. The dry season goes from May to October, which is when most people choose to visit. Not only is there less rainfall during these months, but the temperatures are also much more pleasant. If you want to experience the wonders of the Kimberley region, AAT Kings offers a number of tours across the north-west. We take care of the planning, provide the transportation, and make it easier than ever to enjoy this spectacular part of Australia.

Nature and wilderness – The best places to visit

The Kimberley is a nature lover's paradise. As one of the most isolated parts of the world, it's also beautifully untouched and pristine. There are numerous world-class wilderness attractions dotted across the Kimberley, from dry deserts to golden beaches and tumbling waterfalls. While it's pretty hard to see everything, there are a few places that you simply should not miss. Whether you've got a few days or a few weeks to enjoy a Kimberley tour, let's take a look at the best natural attractions that should definitely be on your list when exploring this remote region.

Lake Argyle

Start off your Kimberley adventures right, with Lake Argyle. Located on the Northern Territory border, Lake Argyle is the largest lake in Western Australia, and just behind Lake Eyre as the second largest in the nation. Situated near the town of Kununurra, this man-made engineering marvel is recognised as a protected wetlands area. While Lake Argyle is teeming with birdlife and other wildlife on the surrounding mudflats and grasslands, the damming of the Ord River did profoundly change the surrounding environment.

Ord River

The Ord River flows for more than 650 km, and it has a catchment area of more than 55,000 square kilometres. The lower part of the river supports a protected wetland area known as the Ord River Floodplain. The Miriwoong Gajerrong peoples know the river as Goonoonoorrang, with the English title added in 1879 in honour of Sir Harry St. George Ord. Along with its thriving flora and fauna, the Ord River plays an important role as a source of power generation and water storage in the Kimberley region.

Geikie Gorge

Geikie Gorge is located in the Napier Range within Danggu Gorge National Park. Known locally as Darngku, this magical place is 20 km from Fitzroy Crossing and a very long way from pretty much everywhere else. Geikie Gorge is part of an ancient limestone barrier reef that formed 350 million years ago along the west Kimberley. Along with freshwater crocodiles and other abundant wildlife, this spectacular 8 km long and 30 m high gorge offers a number of boat tours guided by the local Bunuba people.

Horizontal Falls

Known as Garaanngaddim to the local Indigenous people, Horizontal Falls is the location of a strange and beautiful natural phenomenon that lies on the Kimberley coast. This site features two narrow gorges, with tidal flows responsible for a horizontal waterfall effect on the ebb and flow of the tide. These stunning waterfalls were described by Sir David Attenborough as "one of the greatest natural wonders of the world." This incredible place offers breathtaking photo opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime.

Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road allows you to get well and truly off the beaten track. Once you go "over the range" near the Gibb River, you are set for a 660 km journey through ancient gorges, untouched wilderness areas, ancient Indigenous rock art, and cattle stations the size of European nations. While it takes a couple of weeks to drive the entire route, you can enjoy sections of the Gibb River Road, including locations such as Windjana Gorge, Lennard Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Drysdale River Station, and El Questro Wilderness Park.

Cockburn Range

The Cockburn Range is a majestic location located on the Gibb River Road. This imposing and highly scenic destination lies just one hour from Kununurra and sits entirely on private land owned by El Questro Wilderness Park. Luckily, you can easily visit the range via 4WD, on foot, or on a scenic flight with some of the most amazing views on the planet. The scale of this place is hard to believe, rising more than 600 m above the plains and shaped like a round fortress.

Emma Gorge

Emma Gorge is a serene and relaxing destination with some of the best swimming in the Kimberley. Located within El Questro Wilderness Park at the end of an hour-long walk, Emma Gorge features a cool oasis pool, a warm thermal spring, a stunning 65 m waterfall, and spectacular cliffs with greenery and rock formations. If you're looking for peace and tranquillity, Emma Gorge is almost impossible to beat.

Bungle Bungle Range

Known the world over for its unique geological formations, the Bungle Bungle Range is an ancient oasis located within Purnululu National Park. This place is famous for its distinctive beehive-shaped towers, which are formed from prehistoric seabeds and also feature an even older meteorite impact crater. Take a 2km return walk through the Purnululu National Park to see Cathedral Gorge, a beautiful red rock formation that creates a natural amphitheatre within the Bungle Bungles The traditional owners of the Bungle Bungles region are the Karjaganujaru peoples, who help to manage the park together with the Department of Environment and Conservation.

Cable Beach

If you're looking for pure white sand and bright blue ocean water, Cable Beach is the place to come. This 22 km section of coastline attracts people from around the world, who come for its pristine beaches, endless sand dunes, and stunning ochre red cliffs. This part of the Kimberley is a favourite with visiting families, many of whom enjoy a camel ride along the beach when they're not relaxing at the many resorts and caravan parks situated in and around the neighbouring town of Broome.

Halls Creek

Located in the middle of nowhere, Halls Creek is a famous gateway town for even more far-flung locations. Halls Creek is situated at the edge of the Great Sandy Desert and Tanami Desert, and it is an integral part of the Tanami Road, Duncan Road, and Canning Stock Route. Australia's first gold town, Halls Creek is now home to a number of successful farming and mining industries. Halls Creek is a great gateway for World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park, Bungle Bungle Range, Wolfe Creek Crater National Park, and the China Wall, among other natural attractions.

Local art & culture

The Kimberley is known for many things, from its spectacular landscapes and abundant natural resources to its isolated location and friendly locals. The culture of this area is another major attraction for visitors, with the local First Nation peoples enjoying a complex and ancient history that stretches back more than 40,000 years. There are around 30 active Aboriginal language groups situated in the Kimberley and four language families. Ancient rock art can be seen across the Kimberley, with painting, engraving, and resin used to make images and patterns that represent spiritual life and the surrounding environment. Wandjina is the most prominent art style of the area, having been around for the last 4,000 years. Several thousand sites have been recorded across the Kimberley, many of which are protected or off the beaten track. There are lots of opportunities to see this amazing artwork, however, including many examples along Gibb River Road and El Questro Wilderness Park. Modern Aboriginal canvas artworks from the Kimberley have been featured in some of the world's biggest galleries, providing a significant source of income and pride for local peoples. Indigenous Australian art is widely recognised for its authentic vision and cultural significance – some of Australia's most renowned artworks emerge from the Kimberley region. There are opportunities to visit galleries and museums across the Kimberley, including many in the town of Broome.

If you want to experience the Kimberley region for yourself, AAT Kings offers a number of tours that anyone can enjoy. We take care of the planning, provide transportation, and make it easier than ever to have an unforgettable experience at this ancient destination.

Frequently Asked Questions – Kimberley Tours

To fully explore the beauty of the Kimberley region, you'll need 10-21 days. This gives you enough time to fully immerse yourself in the stunning natural landscapes and cultural richness of the region. There's a lot to see, so rather than risk missing something amazing by planning it yourself, take advantage of AAT Kings guided tours of the Kimberley. Our expertly curated itineraries ensure that you get the most out of your journey, whether you're interested in experiencing the iconic landmarks, ancient rock formations, or vibrant communities. Our knowledgeable guides and comfortable accommodations will make your trip unforgettable and leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

To get the most out of the Kimberley, plan your trip for between April and November. This avoids the wet season and will get you the best weather conditions for experiencing the breathtaking landscape and natural wonders. Whenever you choose to visit, AAT Kings guided tours offer a variety of departure dates and durations of 11 to 21 days. Let our experienced team take care of the details, while you enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the Kimberley.

The ancient Kimberley is stretches over massive swathes of land and is absolutely packed with sights, so a guided tour is the best way to experience it all. AAT Kings has you covered, we take care of all the planning and transportation, making it easier than ever for you to enjoy the stunning natural landscapes, cultural richness, and unique wildlife. Our knowledgeable guides will take you to the heart of the region, where you can experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Kimberley and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.


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The Kimberley Region



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