Sydney Opera House

The impressive Sydney Opera House is arguably one of the most recognisable icons in the world. Perfectly positioned at the tip of a peninsula at Bennelong Point, it sits right in the centre of the picturesque Sydney Harbour.

This great urban sculpture was designed by Danish architect, Jørn Utzon in an international competition which won him £5,000 and the chance to create one of the world’s most admired buildings. Amazingly, Utzon never actually visited the site, but rather relied on photos, maps and verbal accounts to design the masterpiece comprising of three groups of interlocking vaulted ‘shells’. The building took 14 years to complete and cost 14.5 times the original budget, largely paid for by a State Lottery.

You’ll be in awe as you take a tour of this world-class performing arts centre, home to the largest mechanical organ in the world with 10,154 pipes. It’s one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world with more than 1.2 million people attending more than 1500 performances each year. You might think that the Sydney Opera House only shows Opera performances, but you would be wrong. The centre showcases everything from opera, ballet and symphony orchestras to stand-up comedy, dramatic theatre and rock concerts.

In 2007, the Sydney Opera House was formally included on the UNESCO World Heritage List alongside other treasured locations such as the ancient Pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China – definitely a must see!