Penguin Parade

If you thought koalas were cute, then you must make a trip to Phillip Island to witness the famous Penguin Parade. Just a two hour drive from Melbourne, this charming island is home to a colony of approximately 32,000 Little Penguins.

Just as the sun sets over the ocean, the adorable Little Penguins scamper out of the sea and onto the sand, returning ashore after a hard day of fishing. Listen to their comical squawks as they waddle up the beach in search of their sand dune burrows to take a rest for the night.

From the elevated platforms, enjoy 180° views of the Little Penguins in their natural habitat. Or for a more personalised viewing experience, you can enjoy the world famous parade from an upgraded viewing platform, limited to only 150 people and positioned right in the heart of the parade in a ‘high penguin traffic area’.

As you marvel at this natural phenomenon, learn about the lives of the world’s smallest penguins. Phillip Island is fortunate enough to be home to the largest colony and to protect them, all revenue generated from the Penguin Parade is invested back into research, environmental sustainability and education projects to ensure their species flourish.

Learn more about the Little Penguins at the Penguin Parade Visitors Centre. You can browse informative displays and even purchase a soft penguin toy to take home with you.

AAT Kings is contributing to the Phillip Island Little Penguins with a grant of $95,000 via the TreadRight Foundation. This grant will cover a new penguin weighbridge that will monitor the health of the penguins and interpretive signs which will be erected to help educate visitors about the local environment and this important penguin colony. You too can support penguin research and conservation by adopting a penguin at Phillip Island – adopt now and AAT Kings will pay half the adoption fee*. Find out more.

*Conditions apply.