Mammoth Cave

In close vicinity to Margaret River is Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, home to several ancient caves. Among the hundreds of caves, Mammoth, Ngilgi, Lake and Jewel Caves are open to the public. Internationally recognized for their beauty and pristine condition, these caves offer an amazing insight into the fascinating underground world.

The famous multi-chambered Mammoth Cave contains fossils dating back over 35,000 years. Tim Connelly, the first explorer and appointed caretaker of the impressive limestone cave, conducted tours by lamplight until 1904 when electric lighting was installed.

Now you can admire nature’s remarkable underground beauty, examine the fossils and take in interesting scientific accounts about the cave and extinct animals. This time capsule is home to ancient fossil remains such as the Mammoth shawl and the “Karri Forest” flowstone which appears to resemble the unique karri trees of the region. You can take a guided tour and follow the path that will take you through the cave, highlighting the animal bones and fossils.