Jenolan Caves

Only a short scenic drive from the Blue Mountains you’ll find the award-winning Jenolan Caves, undoubtedly Australia's most spectacular limestone caves. These impressive caves make up one of the largest underground cave systems in the world and one of the oldest known open cave systems in the world.

The caves have been open to the public for over 150 years and you’ll be in awe as you explore the amazing underworld of interesting limestone formations fitted with walkways and subtle lighting.

The largest of the Jenolan Caves is Lucas Cave, featuring a number of large chambers including the Cathedral which reaches an incredible 52 metres high and the Exhibition Chamber containing the Broken Column formation. The Cathedral chamber is quite spectacular and is commonly used for wedding ceremonies and concerts due to its unique acoustics and dramatic limestone features.

Above-ground, you can take a stroll through the lush Australian bush and with luck spot native wildlife including kangaroos and wallabies. Before you return to Sydney you must visit the stunning Blue Lake. This gorgeous sight is the result of mineral laden water seeping through the limestone caves. When cast in sunlight, the lake takes on the most captivating vivid blue colour. Definitely a great photo opportunity!