Florence, Tolmer & Wangi Falls

The natural wonderland of Litchfield National Park is home to breathtaking views, monsoon rainforest, intriguing magnetic termite mounds and stunning tropical waterfalls. Among the highlights of the National Park are the three main waterfalls, Florence, Tolmer and Wangi Falls which cascade from a sandstone plateau called the Tabletop Range.

Set among monsoon forest is the spectacular Florence Falls, two gushing waterfalls which cascade into a crystal clear swimming hole. Here you can enjoy panoramic views from the viewing platform at the top, or take the rewarding scenic walk down the 160 step staircase to the swimming hole.

Arguably the most spectacular waterfall, Tolmer Falls cascades over two high escarpments into a deep plunge pool. Home to colonies of rare ghost bats and orange horseshoe bats, access to the base of the falls is restricted however you can take admire Tolmer Falls from the lookout at the top.

The easily accessible Wangi Falls is regarded as Litchfield’s largest and most popular attraction. An interpretive scenic walk from the swimming hole will take you up a set of stairs to the viewing platform in the canopy of the rainforest. At most times of the year you can stop by here to cool off in the many rock pools at the base of the falls.