Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is an iconic Melbourne landmark and a bustling transport hub with more than 100,000 people passing through its halls on a weekday.

The Edwardian baroque style building was built in 1910 after a design competition was held to replace the previous station which had been running trains in Melbourne since 1854. The winning design led to one of the most impressive train stations in Australia with features including grand archways, a clock tower and even a ballroom.

The station runs for a full city block between Flinders Street and the Yarra River. Its distinctive red and golden coloured façade with ornate green domes adorning the roof make it a feature of the Melbourne city landscape.

It’s also a convenient meeting place for Melburnians and travellers alike. Just tell your friends you’ll ‘meet them under the clocks’ and they’ll know to meet you at the entrance to the station under the train timetable’s row of clocks.