Edith Falls

60 kilometres north of Katherine off the Stuart Highway is (Leilyn) Edith Falls, a series of cascading waterfalls and crystal clear rock pools on the western side Nitmiluk National Park.

Nitmiluk’s diverse landscape ranges from lush green in the wet season (November - April), to harsh brown during the dry season (May – October). In the dry season Edith Falls’ crystal clear plunge pools are perfect for a refreshing dip and chance to unwind.

The water that flows from Edith Falls forms part of the Edith River that connects to the must-see Katherine Gorge. Here you can hike to the top of the escarpment and take in the amazing views over the waterfalls or go for a dip in the plunge pool surrounded by lush paperbark and pandanus trees.

Home to several species of colourful birdlife; make sure you keep a look out for the endangered Gouldian Finch and Hooded Parrot – an absolute treat when spotted!