Launceston City

Located in the north of Tasmania, Launceston is Tasmania's second largest city after Hobart. It’s one of the oldest cities in Australia, dating back to 1806, and when you tour this city you’ll view the many historical Edwardian buildings still standing today that co-exists with modern architecture.

  • Cradle Mountain
    Tourists visit Tasmania for one main reason, to see spectacular Cradle Mountain. Listed as a heritage site in 1982 due to its natural, cultural and wilderness qualities, you will not be disappointed when you visit this unique spot in Tassie. Rising 1545 metres above sea level, Cradle Mountain is situated within Lake St Clair National Park that covers 1260 square kilometres that is made up of gorges, lakes, peaks, moors and lush flora.
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  • Freycinet National Park
    The pristine wilderness of Tasmania is what draws in visitors and Freycinet National Park is just that. It is on every visitor's must see list, which is why you'll explore this beautiful par- of the region, a short two and half hour drive from Hobart.Named after one of the Freycinet brothers who worked as senior officers on French Explorer Nicholas Baudin in the 1800's, it attracted sealers and whalers from Europe with whale oil exported to Britain.
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