Fraser Island

A four hour journey from Brisbane, off the coast of Hervey Bay is Fraser Island, a gigantic World Heritage Listed sand bar and one of the few places on earth where ancient rainforests grow along the sandy banks of crystal clear creeks.

Separated from mainland Queensland by the Great Sandy Strait, Fraser Island spans an impressive 184,000 hectares making it the world’s largest sand island. This unique natural environment has developed over 800,000 years and is a precious part of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

This large coastal dune system is home to over 100 freshwater lakes. Amongst the cleanest lakes in the world, some are stained red and others fringed with pure white sand and crystal clear water - a swim in these lakes will no doubt be a memorable experience.

Named after shipwreck survivor, Eliza Fraser, the gorgeous coast that fringes the island’s coastline is the site of over 50 shipwrecks. The most notable wreck being the Maheno, a former Trans-Tasman luxury liner and WW1 hospital ship whose remains today lie on the beach north of Happy Valley.

Here you can absorb the exceptional natural beauty of long uninterrupted white beaches, strikingly coloured sand cliffs and an abundance of lush flora. Along the east coast is the gorgeous 75 Mile Beach, one of the only beaches in the world that is also a registered National Highway and also acts as a landing strip for light aircrafts.

Whether you discover by scenic plane, bushwalking through the rainforest or taking a refreshing dip among the turtles in the mirrored lakes, it’s easy to see why the Aboriginal owners called Fraser Island ‘K’gari’ - meaning paradise.