TreadRight Foundation

AAT Kings encourages the sustainable development of tourism in partnership with the TreadRight Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation established by The Travel Corporation and its family of brands. To date, the foundation has helped support more than 35 sustainable tourism projects worldwide. Within Australia and New Zealand AAT Kings is also proud to support a number of important projects with a particular focus on wildlife conservation.

TreadRight’s guiding principle is to encourage sustainable tourism development through conservation, leadership and support for communities. We encourage each of our partners to use this principle to guide all of their actions, whether at our regional offices or when taking guests around the world. By providing grants to organisations that encourage sustainability in different destinations, we hope to maintain the natural attractions across the world that define each unique region. Foundation priorities are set by the Steering Committee, which includes sustainability leaders like Céline Cousteau and Costas Christ.

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AAT Kings and TreadRight Conservation Projects 

AAT Kings is proud to support a number of important conservation projects within Australia and New Zealand with a particular focus on wildlife conservation.

Koalas at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

AAT Kings and TreadRight have teamed up with Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors to support the koala rehabilitation project at Australia Zoo's Wildlife Hospital – the country's largest and busiest wildlife facility.

We'll provide Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors with a substantial donation over two years to support the medical treatment and rehabilitation of koalas at the centre, as well as the building of eco-friendly constructions that will help protect those that are sick and orphaned.

As one of Australia's most beloved marsupials, koalas are among the most commonly treated patients at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which cares for nearly 800 koalas each year at an average cost of $1,500 per koala.

The world-class team of vets and nurses at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are kept extremely busy treating around 100 koalas at any one time during the peak season, with 75,000 members of the public touring the hospital each year. The single biggest reason for koalas being admitted to the hospital is from being hit by vehicles as a result of increasing urbanisation and the impact of the human footprint spreading into koalas’ natural habitat.

We're truly passionate about showcasing the very best of Australia to fellow Aussies and international visitors, however we feel that it's just as important to spend time educating and informing others about wildlife conservation and there’s no better place to learn about this than at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Our guests will visit the hospital on our Queensland Guided Holidays and can see firsthand the incredible work that the team there does.

Kiwi birds

New Zealand's native and endangered Kiwi Bird at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua

AAT Kings supports the conservation of New Zealand’s iconic native bird, the endangered kiwi. We contribute to the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Breeding Program in Rotorua to hatch and raise kiwi chicks, perform health checks and daily monitoring, as well as fund research into kiwi incubation and rearing. We aim to help Rainbow Springs raise awareness of the protection of these precious birds and continue to play a vital role in their survival.

Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal

Endangered Tasmanian Devil being protected from disease

AAT Kings has also joined forces with The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal in an effort to protect Tasmania’s iconic Devils from the fatal Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) epidemic currently endangering these animals. Through the sponsorship AAT Kings will support five Tasmanian devils who are part of the devil vaccine research working being undertake at the University of Tasmania, Menzies Institute for Medical research. The donation will make a critical contribution to the husbandry (management, care and feeding) of the research devils.

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TreadRight Global Ambassador - Céline Cousteau

Celine Cousteau, TreadRight Global Ambassador and environmentalist

Leading environmentalist, adventurer and explorer Céline Cousteau has been welcomed as a TreadRight Ambassador. Watch the video and find out more.