Travel Alerts

Updated 4 Feb 2020, 11am AEDST

Bushfires in Australia


Bushfires are currently affecting some parts of Australia. Our thoughts are with all Australians and the local communities impacted by the current bushfires burning in parts of Australia. We encourage all travellers to stay up to date, through reliable websites and sources of information. 

Most AAT Kings destinations continue to make visitors welcome, and the vast majority of our guests trips are unaffected. 


For the information of our guests:

  • All AAT Kings guests currently on trips in Australia are accounted for and are not affected by the bushfires.
  • All upcoming trips in Australia are still operating as scheduled.
  • Itinerary changes have been put in place where required to ensure the safety of our guests and crew.
  • The safety of our guests is our top priority and we are continuously monitoring the situation - we will update any affected guests directly and post travel alert updates as necessary in the coming days.


Where Exactly Is Affected.

Keep up to date on the areas affected by bushfires, with the below map from our partners at Tourism Australia.



How to Help.

We’re proud to be associated with the contribution made by our parent company, The Travel Corporation (TTC), to the NSW Rural Fire Service – a donation of $100K, which was made in December 2019. The danger they put themselves in on a daily basis to protect the community and its surrounding area is heroic. Our hearts go out to the loss of life, property, wildlife and nature from Australia’s bushfire tragedy. Funds go towards technology and necessities such as radios, floodlights, GPS for the trucks, maintenance, fuel, food and training.

“It is more important than ever to support Australian tourism providers, whether in unaffected regions or those that will recover from these bushfires in the months and years to come. The best way to support Australia, Australian communities, and the tourism sector is to keep visiting. If you cannot travel to an affected area due to bushfires, one of the many ways to help includes rescheduling instead of cancelling a planned trip to support the communities in the coming months.” Tourism Australia