Booking Conditions Published 11 January 2024 (UK)


For your statutory rights please refer to

Summary Booking & Cancellation Terms

DescriptionPeriod of NoticeCancellation

AAT Kings Guided Holidays and Inspiring Journeys
(including pre/post accommodation)

AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys require a £100 non-refundable deposit per person per tour within 7 days.









AAT Kings Guided Holidays and Inspiring Journeys
(including pre/post accommodation and internal-holiday airfares)

AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys require a £200 non-refundable deposit per person per tour within 7 days. See relevant itineraries for details.









AAT Kings Short Breaks

AAT Kings Short Breaks require a £100 non-refundable deposit per person per tour within 7 days. Final payment is due 60 days prior to departure or at time of booking if within 60 days.







AAT Kings Day Tours

Final payment due 56 days prior to departure.

Within 48 hours

Within 24 hours



Heritage Tours – Cape York Frontier and Gulf Savannah Wanderer

Heritage Tours requires a £510 non-refundable deposit per person together with completed booking form to ensure confirmation within 7 days of the booking confirmation, unless within final payment period.

Horn Island Add on

Payments: 100% 7 or 5 days after booking with deposit. Cancellation after payment made: 100% cancellation fees apply.









Journey Beyond – The Ghan & Indian Pacific

Journey Beyond requires a non-refundable deposit of 25% of total price per person for Gold Service. Advance Purchase or Promotional rail fares are subject to stricter cancellation fees to be advised at time of booking.







  • These payments and cancellation fees are in addition to any deposit required or cancellation fee charged by your travel agent
  • Reservations will be held for 7 days only without deposit (if booking departure is outside of 61 or 91 days)
  • Once your deposit has been received, AAT Kings will send to your travel agent, or yourself if you've booked directly with AAT Kings, confirmation of the details of the booking
  • Balance of payment for your tour is to be paid 61 or 91 days prior to departure or at time of booking if departure is within 61 or 91 days (different payment requirements apply to third party tours and rail, to be advised at time of booking)
  • All airfares are subject to strict payment and ticketing deadlines, to be advised at the time of booking
  • The operator reserves the right to re-sell seats without warning if applicants fail to finalise payment within the prescribed time
  • A fee will be applied at the time of payment when paying by credit card. This will vary depending on the card used (not available to travel agents)

By paying the required deposit per person per tour to your travel agent, or AAT Kings direct reservations consultant, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these Booking Conditions, which make up the contract between you and AAT Kings. In the case of computer or human billing errors, we reserve the right to re-invoice participants with correct billing.

NOTES: Included flights are outlined in each trip itinerary in our brochure or online. Guests travelling on any flight must provide their full name (as appears on their passport), date of birth and gender. Incomplete or inaccurate information may result in additional charges payable directly to the airline or in a worst-case scenario, be denied boarding.

Your Holiday Booking

For the purposes of this document reference to ‘you' or ‘your' includes all guests in the party. AAT Kings  Tours  Pty Ltd is the ‘Sales Company'. The ‘Operator' for the trips will be as described in the table below. Collectively these companies are referred to as ‘AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys', or the ‘Provider'.



AAT Kings Tours (Pty) Limited

New Zealand

Travel Corporation NZ Limited


Your agreement is with AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys and a contract is formed when you make a reservation with us that we accept. Enrolment in and payment for a guided holiday shall constitute acceptance by the guest of the terms and conditions in this document. These cannot be varied except in writing by an officer of the Company.

All contracts with AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys are made subject to the terms of these booking conditions, which includes the important information provided.

We reserve the right to change these booking conditions at any time prior to you making a booking.

The invalidity of any provisions herein shall not affect the validity of any other provisions. The agreement shall be construed as though the invalid provision was not contained herein and was replaced with an enforceable provision as similar as possible to the original provision. Should any conflict arise between these booking conditions and those contained within our brochures, these booking conditions shall prevail.

Departure Date

The departure date is the date indicated on the booking confirmation.


Security is a major concern to all of us and the situation globally is constantly changing. Events around the world, coupled with the “Travel Advisories” put out by various governments, may at times necessitate changes to the accommodation and itinerary or even trip cancellation. You must accept these risks involved in travel to any country that may experience security difficulties and accept responsibility for your own travel decisions.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is highly recommended for all guests covering all applicable dates of travel with the Provider. This insurance should cover: trip interruption, personal injury, medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation cover including during pandemic events. The choice of insurer is yours.

The availability of travel insurance and extent of cover is constantly changing. For most up to date information talk to your reservation agent. The Provider may receive a commission for introducing you to a travel insurance provider.

The Provider cannot be held responsible for your failure to obtain insurance which is appropriate, and we recommend you purchase your insurance at or soon after booking your trip. The Provider (other than in circumstances where the Provider has been negligent) will not be held liable for any costs incurred by the guest resulting from their failure to obtain adequate travel insurance.

Corona Viruses

Corona Virus means coronavirus disease, an infectious disease caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus and all variants of the SARS-COV-2 virus. An inherent risk of exposure to Corona Virus exists in any public place where people are present. Corona Virus is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. The Provider may require proof of vaccination or negative Corona Virus tests, with the situation changing rapidly please refer to and for current requirements and further information relating to Corona Virus. Please also familiarise yourself with the advice from your national authority for overseas travel before departing.'

Corona Virus requirements vary from country to country and region to region and circumstances may require us to ask all travellers to be vaccinated and provide evidence of vaccination, irrespective of the destinations’ vaccine requirements. Definition of fully vaccinated may include booster doses and/or time elapsed since last dose received. Evidence of negative Corona Virus tests may also be required. Airlines, hotels, excursion providers and other transport providers may also have separate requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply at all times with these requirements. No refunds will be given if you are unable to undertake some or all your holiday due to your failure to comply with these requirements or if you fail any tests, checks or other measures imposed by a supplier or necessary for you to travel. You also acknowledge that certain countries may impose quarantine or self-isolation measures upon travellers, whether in the place of the destination or upon return and that such requirements are subject to change and may be imposed on short notice. You will be responsible for any resulting additional costs including travel and accommodation.

We ask that you please take personal responsibility for your wellbeing. This begins with packing any personal protective equipment and sanitisers you require. Please adopt physical distancing and hygiene practices throughout your pre-trip travel arrangements and follow all health instructions whether physical signage, or requests from our professional staff once you are travelling with us. To travel with us, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to Corona Virus. Full details of hygiene protocols can be found on our website.

If you test positive while travelling with us, you will need to comply with the legislation or regulations of the region you are in and may not be able to continue to travel with the group. You will need to isolate in that region for the required number of days if stipulated by the local government. As COVID-19 still remains a threat to the health of individuals, we ask that you please take personal responsibility for your wellbeing and be conscious of the effect your personal situation may have on the health and wellbeing of others.

The provider may decide you will not be able to continue to travel with the group, if your health situation appears likely to endanger your wellbeing or that of other guests. 

In the event that you are unable to travel with us or need to curtail your trip our cancellation charges will apply in accordance with our cancellation procedure. We will not be responsible for covering the cost of any curtailment of your holiday, missed transport arrangements, additional accommodation required, or other associated costs incurred by you. You must ensure you have travel insurance which covers these costs.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure Event means any event or circumstance beyond the control of the Provider, including but not limited to: (a) an act of god (such as earthquake, flood, fire, explosion, landslide, lightning, action of the elements, force of nature, washout, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami, storm or storm warning or natural disaster); (b) industrial disputes, work ban or other labour dispute or difficulty; (c) acts of terrorism, political unrest, war or threat of war, riots or civil strife; (d) failure or delays to scheduled transportation and the closure of airports or ports; (e) pandemic, epidemic or health risk; (f) governmental and administrative actions (including closure of borders and travel warnings and restrictions).


Reservations and Payments

  1. Your trip will be confirmed after receipt of a non-refundable deposit as detailed in The Table. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason and shall in that event return any deposit received. If not received within 7 days of booking, the reservation will automatically be cancelled. On certain departures, deposits may be required at the time of booking to hold seats.
  2. Air-inclusive bookings may require an additional non-refundable deposit or payment in full at the time of booking, see Flight Reservations, Deposits and Cancellations section below.
  3. We may from time to time offer deposits at a reduced amount (Promotional Deposits) and these may be subject to different terms and conditions as specified by us. Such terms and conditions prevail to the extent of any inconsistency with these Booking Conditions.
  4. Final payment for your trip reservation will be due prior to departure no later than as detailed in The Table. When making multiple trip bookings, full payment is for all trips according to the scheduled departure date of the first departing trip. Payment in full will be required at time of booking for reservations made later than the final payment due date (see The Table) prior to the trip departure date. Some special promotions may have different payment deadlines and cancellation terms. If you fail to make payment by the due date detailed in The Table we will remind you to make payment.  In addition to the payment you will also be responsible for any costs imposed upon us by suppliers resulting from late payment. If we do not receive payment within 72 hours after the reminder you will be deemed to have cancelled the booking.
  5. The Provider reserves the right to cancel the reservation and impose cancellation charges if any payment is not received as detailed within The Table. The Provider will not be responsible for lost land and/or air reservations.
  6. Credit Card Bookings: The Provider should be advised of your credit card number when making your reservation directly with us. For security purposes, we are required to collect the guest's credit card billing address, card expiration date and the customer verification code every time a payment is applied. A fee will be applied at the time of payment when paying by credit card. This will vary depending on the card used.
  7. Your Travel Agent shall hold all monies for each and every person named in the booking until the booking is confirmed at which time your Travel Agent shall provide those monies promptly to us. You consent to us depositing monies received by us as required by law. We will be entitled to keep interest earned on monies.


Booking Changes

Name Changes and Corrections

The Provider does not charge for name changes or corrections, however where third party costs are incurred these will be passed on to the guest. Not all airlines allow name changes or name corrections, and a new airfare may need to be purchased which will be passed on to the guest.

Other Booking Changes

The Provider does not charge for minor booking changes however where third party costs are incurred these will be passed on to the guest. Costs and charges may increase closer to the departure date that changes are made. We will try to make your requested change, but it may on occasion not be possible. A change of trip date or itinerary after final payment is due (see The Table) will be treated as cancellation.

Deposit Protection

Should your plans change, and you cancel your booking before final payment is due, you will receive a credit of $200 or equivalent currency per person, or the amount of your tour-only deposit whichever is less, valid for up to five years from date of cancellation. This credit cannot be used as a deposit against your future AAT Kings or Inspiring Journeys guided holiday booking and can only be used as a credit against your final payment. Only one credit per person can be applied to each booking. Does not apply if you previously received a full refund. Valid for new bookings only for AAT Kings operated products which are not less than 4 days duration. This credit cannot be used for AAT Kings Short Breaks or Day Tours. Deposits on Third Party tours such as Heritage Tours, or Journey Beyond components, extra nights’ accommodation, optional extras and rail or flights (air travel) cannot be transferred. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation by the Traveller

Travel arrangements for any member of the party may be cancelled at any time by written notice by the person who made the booking.

If notice of cancellation is received by the Provider before final payment is due (see The Table), the deposit will be retained. If cancellation is made after final payment is due cancellation fees will apply (see The Table). Please also refer to  Section where applicable.

Notice of cancellation must be made in writing directly to the Provider or through your Travel Agent.

If a person in a party cancels and there is a room change caused by this cancellation (such as a twin share to Single, or Triple to twin share), charges for the new room type will be the responsibility of the remaining party. The charges detailed in the Summary Terms table (which includes GST), representing costs incurred by the Provider in cancelling your travel arrangements, will apply when notice of cancellation for your trip is given after the booking is confirmed.

If a guest fails to join the trip on the day of departure, cancellation fees will be 100% (unless the guest notifies us of the delay and joins the trip later at their own expense).

Cancellation fees as per The Table apply to additional accommodation and/or chargeable transfers prior to and after the trip, itinerary extensions or cruise reserved through the Provider.

Cancellation fees and charges will include any amounts that we have paid or have contractually committed to pay to third parties to deliver your travel arrangements which we cannot reasonably recover (for example payments made or due to airlines and hotels). Any payments we have made to third parties will only be refunded to you once we have deducted the above cancellation fees and charges and once we have actually recovered the amounts from the third parties.

All cancellation fees as per the Table are additional to any cancellation fees or other charges that may be levied by your Travel Agent.

If the reason for your cancellation is covered under your insurance, you may be able to reclaim these charges from your insurer. You are responsible for making the claim to your insurer.

Cancellation by the Provider

The Provider reserves the right, to modify or cancel any trip, accommodation, in-destination activity or arrangement, definite or not, at any time.

Cancellation due to Failure to Pay

If full payment is not received by the due date (see The Table), The Provider has the right to cancel your reservation and no refund will be made. The Provider will not be responsible for lost reservations.

Cancellation due to Force Majeure Events

If The Provider cancels a trip as a result of a Force Majeure Event, a future travel credit (FTC) to the value of funds paid to date, less any unrecoverable third-party costs incurred, will be provided. All FTCs will be valid for 24 months from date of issue.

Where a trip is terminated mid-trip due to a Force Majeure event, if we provide you with any alternative services or assistance (such as hotels or travel) then you agree to pay for these costs.

Cancellation due to Events other than Force Majeure Events

If the cancellation by the Provider is not as a result of a Force Majeure Event, the Provider will provide an alternative comparable trip (if available). If an alternative is not available, then a refund will be made. The Provider is not liable for any cancellation or change cost or penalties incurred on other travel arrangements, including air travel, that may be affected thereby.

The Provider is not responsible for other travel arrangements that you or your party have made outside the Provider and which are affected by our cancellations.

Early Return, Illness or Absence

Early return expenses are the guest's responsibility, unless this is due to negligence by The Provider. There is no refund for absence or early departure from a trip, including but not limited to missed hotels, transfers, meals or sightseeing cruises or optional extensions. The Provider urges you to purchase travel insurance which covers such circumstances. The Provider makes no representation or guarantees concerning reimbursement, scope of coverage, or other aspects of any travel insurance policy or claim.


Flight Reservations, Deposits and Cancellations


Air-inclusive bookings and some intra-trip flights require an additional non-refundable deposit at time of booking, which may be up to 100% of the flight cost.

If an air reservation is made by The Provider, full payment may be required for your airfare at the time of booking. On receipt of full air payment your airfare, taxes and fuel surcharges are final. This will be regardless of future price fluctuations up or down. When booking a trip including flights, you will be required, at the time of booking, to provide us the full name as detailed on the passport, passport number, nationality, date and place of issue for each guest.

The Provider does not hold an allocation of air seats and all flight reservations are made on request and are subject to the terms and conditions of the airline. Changes to flight itineraries and name changes and/or corrections may either not be allowed or may result in cancellation or other charges by the airline. These are the guest's responsibility along with the fees charged as described above.

Airlines (and other travel providers including The Provider) change prices and routes from time to time. All air routings are in the sole control of the airline and are subject to change at any time.

Air Changes or Cancellation

After deposit has been received any changes, including cancellations, incur a service fee of $35 per person, plus any airline cancellation or amendment fees. Airline imposed fees may be up to 100% of the air ticket price. Published Fares, Priced Match Fares, Promo Fares and some other airfares booked are non-refundable.

Where a customer has purchased a wholesale airfare under The Provider as part of their package, the airfare must be utilised in-conjunction with the land/cruise as part of the package. After payment, should a package change to a flight only booking, then the air ticket will be required to be upgraded to another fare at your cost (this can include airline penalty fees, fare and taxes will be payable) to retain the ticket.


Financial Protection

We provide full financial protection for our package holidays.

We are a Member of ABTA, membership number V0584. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA’s Code of Conduct. We can also offer you ABTA’s scheme for the resolution of disputes which is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. If we can’t resolve your complaint, go to to use ABTA’s simple procedure. Further information on the Code and ABTA’s assistance in resolving disputes can be found on

 For the latest travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office including security, local laws, passport and visa information, visit or call 0203 117 0500 (calls are charged at local rate).




A quick reference guide to all the details you need to know before booking your holiday.


Travel is personal and each individual's goals and experiences may differ. The Provider will not be bound by, or liable for, any description, photograph, representation or warranty made by or provided by any independent third party sales representative, Travel Agent, or other person or entity relating to any holiday offered by the Provider.

What's Included in the Trip Price


Guided holiday

By air-conditioned luxury motorcoaches, minibus or 4x4 vehicles, trains, cruises, ferries and intra-trip flights including light aircraft as described in the respective itinerary. Please note on some regional trips, transfers and sightseeing trips smaller motor coaches without toilet facilities may be used.


Prices are per person, based on two persons sharing a room with private bath or shower. Triple rooms may be available on selected holidays in limited numbers. Triple occupancy rooms may utilise rollaway beds and three adults may find these rooms small. This can be confirmed with your local sales agent or online reservation agent.

Every effort has been made to reserve two-bed rooms; however, on some occasions, rooms with one double bed may be the only option available. These rooms will be allocated to solo travellers and couples first; other rooms may feature a single bed and rollaway bed, murphy bed or sleeper sofa. A limited number of twin share rooms are available with our shared rooming service on certain trips. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys shall not be responsible or liable for any claims or issues arising out of the shared rooming.

Special room requests (adjacent, connecting or lower-floor rooms, as examples) must be made at time of booking. Special room requests are not guaranteed and are based on availability at time of check-in. Many hotels, lodges and luxury tented camps are 100% smoke-free, including all guest rooms, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms and public spaces. Smoking in a non-smoking room will result in a fine.

Substitute accommodation may be used sometimes. We try to use those of similar standard. If the standard of accommodation is materially lower, we will refund you the reduction in value.  Hotel Frequent Traveller program points are not earned with hotels on AAT Kings & Inspiring Journey trips.

Air Transportation

Not included unless otherwise outlined in each trip's itinerary.


Complimentary Wi-Fi service is available in the rooms and public areas of most accommodation. Complimentary Wi-Fi is also provided on-board the motorcoaches, however this is not available in all locations, such as on motorcoaches on AAT Kings Day Tours and Short Breaks in the Northern Territory. The Wi-Fi on the motorcoaches uses the mobile phone network and as a result the connection will be slower than standard broadband and at times may not be available. Audio and Video streaming is not available using motorcoach Wi-Fi. Please note that it may not be available on train trips, cruises, lodges, tented camps or when the main motorcoach is not being used, such as on transfer motorcoaches and other local services.

Travel Director

Guided holidays are conducted in English by a professional Travel Director. Day Tours are conducted in English by a professional Driver Guide. Short Breaks or itinerary extensions are normally not accompanied by a Travel Director and are operated on a locally hosted basis using English-speaking Local Expert services unless otherwise described.

In the unlikely event that there are fifteen guests or less travelling on a departure, AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys reserves the right to operate this departure on an individual basis with private transfers and individual arrangements. Please refer to the individual guided holiday itinerary.


Some meals are included as detailed on holiday itineraries. Any special meal requirements, including allergies, must be provided at time of booking and are received on a request basis only. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys cannot assure that special meal requests will be fulfilled and does not assume responsibility or liability if requests are not fulfilled.


Transfers between airports, hotels, railway stations and piers are only included as indicated on each itinerary. Transfers can be purchased for an additional cost in many destinations. There will be no refund for missed or unused transfers. If you require and reserve airport transfers and did not purchase your flights from AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys, you will need to provide your arrival and departure flight information to AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys 60 days before flight departure depending on the destination. It is your responsibility to update AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys with any changes to your flight schedule to ensure that you receive your transfers. Failure to do so may result in missing these services and no refund shall be due for missed transfers resulting from missing or outdated flight information.


Where hotel porterage service is available, luggage handling of one suitcase per person, at each guided holiday hotel is included in the price.

Luggage Allowances

Due to limited motorcoach capacity, a single bag is allowed with dimensions not exceeding 30”x18”x10” (76x46x25cm) and weight not exceeding 20kgs./44lbs. Carry-on/hand luggage is restricted to one piece per person, not exceeding 12”x11”x6” (30x28x14cm) to fit under your coach seat or in the small overhead compartment. Carry-ons with telescopic handles and wheels will not fit in the overhead compartments or under seats and therefore, cannot be accepted as carry-on luggage. Carry-on/hand luggage handling is the responsibility of each guest and must be taken on and off the coach by you each day of the guided holiday.

Please be advised that stricter luggage allowances may be in place for other methods of transportation such as flights and cruises. Please confirm with your local sales representative or online reservation agent.

AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys and AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys' affiliated entities shall not be liable for loss or damage to luggage or any guest's belongings. Guests should immediately report lost items to the Travel Director who will assist in completing a lost property form that can be used for an insurance claim.


Tips are included for services on your guided holiday, except to your Motorcoach Driver, Travel Director, Local Host and Local Experts whose tips/gratuities should be extended on a voluntary, individual basis at the end of your holiday. Included tips cover all services provided by dining-room waiters, housekeeping staff and porters at hotels.

Tips for cruises and train journeys are subject to other arrangements which may be confirmed with your local sales agent or online reservation agent.


What's Not Included in the Trip Price


Any items and matters not referred to above, including, airfares to and from your destination, air-related taxes and fees (except where specified); additional fees charged by airlines such as checked and/or excess baggage, seat selections and any other services; passport and visa fees; insurances of all kinds; tips to Travel Directors, Local Guides, Motorcoach Drivers and other; laundry; phone calls; minibar; beverages and meals not detailed in the itinerary; and all items of a personal nature.

Additional taxes and surcharges may be collected by foreign governmental and non-governmental entities. This list is illustrative and not a complete list of every item not included.

Optional Extras

Additional/optional experiences are available on your trip and can be purchased for an extra charge during your trip.

Leaving the trip early

The price does not cover costs and expenses, including your return home, if you leave the trip whether of your own volition, our decision to terminate your participation based on your behaviour that in our view does or has the potential to harm the safety of yourself or others or the general enjoyment of others, due to illness, action by any government or other reason.

National Parks Entry Fees

The National Parks (Northern Territory) Passes are not included in the price of AAT Kings Day Tours. These are additional compulsory government charges and are subject to change without notice.

Air Transportation

Not included unless otherwise outlined in each holiday's itinerary.

Discounts, Savings and Promotions Table

Global Tour Rewards Benefits

5% discount is available to those who have travelled previously with AAT Kings, Inspiring Journeys or any participating brands within TTC (Trafalgar, Luxury Gold, Insight Vacations, Brendan Vacations, Costsaver and Contiki). Excludes past travel on Short Breaks, Day Tours, Down Under Tours, and third party operated tours. The GTR 5% discount is valid on the land portion of the tour and can be used for multiple trips taken within any given year. Excludes Short Breaks, Day Tours, Down Under Tours, rail and components provided by third parties. Discount is not combinable with multiple tour discount and is not valid on all trips and/or departures, airfares, surcharges, taxes, extensions, optional experiences, extra night accommodation, is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Prices are per person, land only, based on double occupancy and are subject to change. The 5% GTR discount replaces all previous Past Guest/Frequent Traveller Discounts and is not in addition to. Other conditions may apply.

2nd holiday Discount

2.5% discount applies to the coach portion only of the second AAT Kings operated Guided Holiday (First Choice, Best Buys) or Inspiring Journeys, when at least two tours of 7 days or more are booked for a person, at the same time, for travel at the same time. Excludes Short Breaks, Day Tours, Down Under Tours, third party operated tours and components provided by third parties, rail, and applies to the tour with the lowest price.

Subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

Triple Share Discount

Discounted prices are available in limited numbers on selected AAT Kings operated Guided Holidays (First Choice, Best Buys) and Short Breaks when 3 guests share a twin or double room with an extra bed (foldaway, sofa bed or rollaway). Triple Share is subject to availability and configuration of accommodation. Triple Share is not available on Inspiring Journeys, Day Tours, Down Under Tours, and third party operated tours.

Young Traveller Discount

Discounted price applies to children 5-15 years old when sharing a room with one adult paying for a twin share room on AAT Kings operated Guided Holidays (First Choice & Best Buys). The Young Traveller Discount on Guided Holidays is not combinable with the Triple Share Discount. For AAT Kings operated Short Breaks, discounted price applies to children 2-15 years when sharing a room with a paying adult. The Young Traveller Discount for Guided Holidays and Short Breaks is limited to one discount per room, and is not available on Inspiring Journeys, rail components, and third party operated tours.

Group Travel Discount

Discounted price applies to guests travelling in a group of 9 or more on set departures for AAT Kings operated Guided Holidays (First Choice, Best Buys) & Inspiring Journeys. Excludes Short Breaks, Day Tours, Down Under Tours, and third party operated tours. Further discounts are available when booking larger groups. Call or get in touch with one of our Group Travel Specialists to find out more.

Concession Discount

Discounts available on AAT Kings operated Guided Holidays (First Choice, Best Buys) & Inspiring Journeys. Excludes Short Breaks, Day Tours, Down Under Tours, and third party operated tours. Applies to Australian and New Zealand Pensioners and Australian Seniors Card holders. Guests must carry proof of concession eligibility with them. Concession Discount will be applied before any other available discount.

Days Tours Discount

10% discount applies to AAT Kings operated Day Tours booked in conjunction with AAT Kings operated Guided Holidays (First Choice, Best Buys) & Inspiring Journeys. Excludes third party operated tours and optional tours which are part of AAT Kings operated Guided Holidays (First Choice, Best Buys) or Inspiring Journeys.

Future Travel Credits

Discounts provided on Future Travel Credits are not combinable with other discounts.


Travel Documents

MyAATKings and Inspiring Journeys

Guests are required to register for their trip at This only takes a few minutes and means we'll have:

  • Your personal details, including your email address and phone number.
  • Your emergency contact info and travel insurance details, just in case we need it.
  • Your dietary, medical or other special requirements you may have.

Provided full payment has been received on time and registration is completed, travel documents will be available to download in electronic format no later than 21 days prior to travel. You'll also find out where your AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys trip will start and exactly what accommodation you'll be staying in – plus the answers to a host of FAQs. We don't print paper documents and the traveller will receive e-docs.

Passports, Visas and other Entry/Exit Requirements

All guests must be in possession of a machine-readable passport valid for 6 months after their trip return date along with applicable visas. Due to government-imposed security/immigration measures, passport and emergency contact information is required for all guests prior to the release of travel documents.

It is the guest's sole responsibility to secure and/or pay for any and all visas, or Electronic Travel Authorisations (ETAs), affidavits, vaccinations, etc. that are required in order to be permitted entry into each destination. In some countries you may be subject to entry (reciprocity) fees and/or departure taxes/exit fees which will be collected at the airports upon entry/departure by local government authorities.

You should check with your Travel Agent or Consular Service for information regarding necessary visa and travel documentation for your entire trip. Where possible we strongly recommend obtaining any required visa or documentation prior to departure. Obtaining documentation while travelling can be a time-consuming process and some countries will not issue documentation at the border. For some countries an invitation letter is required from the Ground Handler to send along with the visa application.

Please note that entry to any country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete. The Provider will require full passport information (full name, date of birth, passport number, Nationality, issue and expiry dates) prior to final payment.

For up-to-date detailed information on travel documents and visas, entry/exit taxes and further information on entry and exit requirements please check with your Travel Agent or local consular services. Obtaining and carrying these documents is your sole responsibility.

The Provider bears no responsibility for such information and will not be responsible for advising and/or obtaining required travel documentation for any guest, or for any delays, damages, and/or losses including missed portions of your holiday related to improper documentation or government decisions about entry.

You should also contact your GP or a specialist vaccination centre for details of any measures you may need to take prior to departure. The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) may have issued information on the FCDO’s website at For travel information, you can also visit ABTA’s website on or phone them on 020 3117 0599.


Airline Seating

Seats are limited in our contracted class of service and may not be available on every flight. The Provider does not hold block space on any airline and does not assure seat availability for every single trip departure date. Not all airlines offer pre-assigned seats. Some may charge for pre-assigned seats. Seat assignments are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice due to a schedule change, equipment change or other unforeseen circumstances. Seating is solely under the airline's control. Any additional charge imposed by airlines will be at the guest’s expense. Where preassigned seats are not offered or different seats are desired, guests must contact the airline(s) directly to arrange seating assignments as well as special meal requests. The Provider does not ensure that these requests will be granted.

Airline Schedule Changes

Itinerary changes due to flight delays and schedule changes is solely under the airline's control. The Provider reserves the right to offer alternative schedules for itineraries affected by airline schedule changes and equipment. Flight delays, flight cancellations and schedule changes are the responsibility of the airline. The Provider will not be responsible or liable for such delays or rescheduling and extra charges.

Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

Frequent Flyer miles can be accrued on most air carriers. Upgrades using mileage are not permitted. Many airlines do not automatically add frequent flyer numbers to records for flights booked and ticketed by the Provider. It is the guest's responsibility to request frequent flyer credit from the airline. The Provider shall not be responsible for matters concerning frequent flyer miles.


General Information and Conditions

Trip Prices

All prices are per person in Pounds Sterling unless specified. Prices are based on costs, charges, tariffs, rates, prices, taxes, levies, exchange rates and other considerations. All are subject to change. For up-to-date pricing contact your Travel Agent or check on our website.

No surcharges regarding cost or currency fluctuations will be made to the land only price once the final balance is received. No refund will be made on account of reduction of any of the above. If the total trip price increases by more than 10%, guests will have the option to cancel the trip within 7 days of notification of the surcharge without penalty.

Other Fees and Taxes

Taxes and fees are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed at time of booking. Any additional fees charged by the airlines/cruise lines such as baggage handling, seat selections, and/or any other services are the sole responsibility of the guest(s). Additional air-related restrictions apply. Any additional government taxes and fees charged by the cruise lines are the sole responsibility of the guest.


We commence providing services to you as soon as we accept your booking and a deposit is paid. This includes work undertaken prior to travel to arrange and coordinate the delivery of your travel arrangements.

Minimum numbers

Some trips are based on a minimum number of persons travelling. If a trip fails to satisfy minimum numbers, the trip may be cancelled or rescheduled.

Booking with a Travel Agent

If you book your holiday through a travel agent then you acknowledge and agree that for your booking to be confirmed and maintained, we must have received all payments from you or your travel agent as detailed in The Table. You also agree that your travel agent is independent of the Provider and our control; and that unless expressly authorised by us in writing, we are not bound by or liable for anything affecting us that the agent may or may not do.

Overlapping / Modular Trips

To offer our travellers more flexibility around when they start and how long they travel for, some of our trips are sections (or modules) of larger itineraries. This means that some of them overlap – for example, some of your group may have already been travelling before you join them and may continue travelling after your adventure has come to an end.

Age Restrictions

There is no age limit on AAT Kings Short Breaks and Day Tours. Children under 5 years of age are ineligible to travel on AAT Kings Guided Holidays. Children under 12 years of age are ineligible to travel on Inspiring Journeys and the following AAT Kings Guided Holidays: Wonders of the West Coast & Kimberley; Untamed Kimberley & West Coast; Wonders of the Kimberley; Untamed Kimberley. In terms of style and content, all of AAT Kings' holidays are specifically designed for a particular age group. Some Inspiring Journeys activities may have age restrictions/not be suitable for under 18s. This fact should be recognised when you book one of our holidays. Young travellers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, who will be responsible for their welfare and supervision. Alcoholic beverages will not be served to guests under the legal age for alcohol consumption in the country being visited. Countries have different age limits for the consumption of alcohol and other activities. You must ensure you satisfy the age limits before participating in any activity with age limits (such as the consumption of alcohol) and you release us from all liability and claims arising from your inability to participate in such activities.

Health, reduced mobility, medical conditions/disabilities, and assistance when travelling

AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys welcomes guests with special needs or disabilities. Please note the following:

  1. Guests must advise AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys, at time of booking, of any physical, medical or other special needs that require accommodating. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys will make reasonable modifications to its policies, practices and procedures when necessary, unless doing so will fundamentally alter the nature of the services provided.
  2. Guests must ensure they are medically and physically able to travel. We may request you to provide an assessment of your medical condition from a qualified medical practitioner. If the assessment indicates that you will require special assistance which we cannot reasonably provide or if you fail to provide a medical assessment with a reasonable time, then this will be considered a cancellation by you and cancellation fees and charges will apply.
  3. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys may impose safety requirements. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys may exclude an individual from participating in a guided holiday or an activity if the individual's participation poses a threat to the health or safety of others. This decision, made solely by AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys, to exclude an individual will be based on an individualised assessment based on reasonable judgment that relies on current medical evidence or on the best available objective evidence to determine the nature, duration and severity of the risk, the probability that potential injury will occur and whether reasonable modifications of policies, practices or procedures will mitigate the risk. No refunds will be given if the decision is made to exclude a guest.
  4. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys does not provide personal devices (such as wheelchairs, hearing aids or prescription eyeglasses) or services of a personal nature (such as eating, toileting or dressing). A traveller who requires services of a personal nature (eating, toileting or dressing, as examples) should strongly consider bringing a companion to provide such assistance and must understand that other travellers, Travel Directors and AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys Staff will not be available for such purposes.
  5. Regrettably, motorised scooters are not allowed on guided holidays.
  6. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys does not employ medical personnel. Any necessary medical attention must be sought at a local facility, if available, at the guest's expense. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys is not responsible or liable for losses or costs incurred due to unavailability of medical services, or medical services obtained while on holiday, or for the quality of the care or services received. Medical care in other countries is not always comparable to care that you may receive in your local area. You are encouraged to purchase medical insurance that will cover you while on holiday. Your regular health insurance benefits may not apply abroad.
  7. In purchasing your holiday, you attest that you are physically fit for it. If you have concerns please request additional details about your journey from your Travel Agent or AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys.
  8. Some guided holidays include rough terrain, extensive walking over cobblestone streets, uneven pavement, steps and/or locations which may not be easily accessible by wheelchair. During the guided holiday, AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys may make arrangements with carriers, hotels and other independent suppliers to provide travel services. These parties are independent entities which AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys does not control. AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys cannot guarantee disability access or accommodation for guests travelling on guided holidays.

AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys may, in its sole discretion, decline booking any guest or remove any guest who cannot comply or refuses to comply with AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys' terms and conditions. If this occurs, you are responsible for the cost of travel back to your hometown and AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys shall not be liable for your losses and no refund shall be provided.

Travel times on our trips vary from day to day depending on the destination. For your comfort we make regular stops and try to keep each section no longer than 3 hours. However, depending on your medical history, some people may be at risk of discomfort or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) if they remain immobile for a long period on a journey. If you have had DVT, pulmonary embolism, a family history of clotting conditions, cancer, or treatment for cancer, stroke, heart or lung disease, or if you have had major surgery in the past three months, we recommend you consult your doctor before travelling.

Trip Participation

You agree to accept the authority and decisions of our employees, Travel Directors and agents whilst on trip with us. If in the opinion of any such person(s) or any other person in a position of authority (such as, for example, a local supplier or hotel manager), your health (including impact of an epidemic or pandemic), level of fitness or conduct at any time before or during a trip is endangering or appears likely to endanger your health or wellbeing or any third party (including any of our other guests) or the safe, comfortable or happy progress of the trip, you may be excluded from all or part of the trip without refund or recompense. Where you are excluded, we will have no further responsibility towards you (including any return travel arrangements) and we will not meet any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the exclusion. In the case of ill health, we may make such arrangements we see fit and recover the costs thereof from you.

Many Optional Experiences are operated by independent third-party suppliers, not the Provider. These are not part of the holiday package provided by us. Your contract will be with the operator of the experience. We are not responsible for providing the experience, or anything that happens during the experience. Some experiences involve outdoor activities and/or can be physically demanding and may require signature of a waiver. You must make your own decisions about experiences and participate only in activities that suit your physical ability: we suggest that you speak with your medical provider if you have questions about your abilities. We recommend you check whether any insurance you have also includes your participation in adventure activities you may undertake.


The Provider is here to provide the best services possible but in doing so we will not tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour from our guests. We will refuse to deal with and, acting reasonably, may terminate the holiday of guests who assault our staff, suppliers or fellow guests or who are abusive or aggressive to them and are generally affecting the enjoyment of others with their behaviour and you may be barred from future trips with the Provider and The Travel Corporation family of brands. This may include (but is not limited to):

(a) verbally abusive or offensive language towards anyone;
(b) bullying behaviour;
(c) inappropriate or abusive behaviour including uninvited physical contact, harassment, violence or threat of violence;
(d) excessive consumption of alcohol or intoxication;
(e) the possession, carriage or use of restricted substances or drugs (except for medical purposes approved by your doctor);
(f) failure to comply with the Provider's (including a representative's) reasonable direction;
(g) conduct which, in the Provider's reasonable opinion, is not compatible with other guests' general enjoyment and well-being or the smooth operation of the trip;
(h) the possession, carriage or use of dangerous items (such as weapons);
(i) breaking the law of the Country in which you are travelling; and
(j) any behaviour or conduct which brings the Provider into disrepute or damages its goodwill. 

When you make a booking, you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of all members of your party during your travels with the Provider. We reserve the right at any time and at our discretion to terminate the travel arrangements and/or cease to deal with any party member(s) whose behaviour, in the reasonable opinion of us or our suppliers, may cause danger, upset, disruption or distress to anyone else or damage to property. Full cancellation charges will apply and no refund will be made. We shall have no obligation to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses (including but not limited to alternative accommodation and return transportation arrangements) guest may incur as a result of the travel arrangements being terminated.

You must immediately report any pre-existing damage in your room to accommodation staff and/or a Travel Director. If you damage the accommodation in which you are staying or any property, you must reimburse the accommodation provider or property owner concerned for the cost of the damage before the end of your stay if the cost has been established by then or as soon as it has been established if later. You must indemnify us for the full amount of any claim (also including legal costs) made against us. Criminal proceedings may be instigated. The Provider is not responsible for any costs incurred concerning a guest removed from a trip or aircraft, ship or train. Guests agree not to hold the Provider or any of its related entities liable for any actions taken under these terms and conditions.

Itinerary Variations

The Provider strives to improve trip itineraries, services and features. If improvements can be made, or if circumstances beyond our control make changes necessary, we reserve the right to vary itineraries and to substitute hotels. At certain peak periods multiple departures may operate, sometimes in reverse order; accommodation may vary from those stated on the itinerary pages. On trips which include cruises, the ship may be changed for operational reasons. Departures in the early and late season are potentially operated in cool weather conditions. As a result, itinerary variations may occur. Certain activities may not be precisely as described or may not be available due to seasonality or weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our control including Corona-Viruses restrictions and precautions. This may include specific requirements regarding personal protective equipment, such as use of face-masks by staff (and you may be required to wear a face- mask as well), social distancing, maximum number restrictions on the use of certain facilities, designated alternative entrance and exit routes, mandatory hand sanitisation, limited entertainment and leisure options and limited food/drink availability. If your enjoyment may be diminished by such limitations, please check with us or your Travel Agent before making a reservation. Please take this risk into consideration when booking your trip.

Changes due to National/Public Holidays

During local or national holidays, certain facilities such as museums, sightseeing trips and shopping may be limited or unavailable. In such instances itinerary changes are made by the Provider seeking to reduce inconvenience to guests. Such changes are deemed not to be a major change to the itinerary, and the value of the alternative services we provide which you accept will be deducted from any compensation you may be entitled to. Holidays, closing days and other circumstances may necessitate a change of the day of the week for scheduled regional meals, sightseeing or other activities. If you feel your enjoyment might be diminished by any of these circumstances, please check with the respective national tourist office before selecting a specific departure date.

Pre & Post-Trip Accommodation

If you arranged with us to remain at a destination before or after your trip, your stay will be at your sole expense as is the transfer to either the hotel or airport. Please speak to your Travel Agent our reservations team about our pre- and post-trip accommodation. Availability is limited. Breakfast and luggage handling is not included unless otherwise noted. The Provider does not provide complimentary transfers for guests booking pre- and post-trip accommodation unless otherwise stated. However, airport transfers can often be purchased from the Provider. If your extra nights' accommodation is not the hotel where your trip begins or ends, you will be responsible for your transfer arrangements at your own expense.

For Your Comfort

The Provider enforces a strict no smoking (including e-cigarettes) and no alcohol policy on board motorcoaches. Regular comfort stops are made on travelling days. Many hotels, restaurants, trains, cruises and other venues are 100% smoke free. The Provider operates a daily seat rotation system.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Operator warrants only that the services shall be generally, though in view of the vagaries of travel, not necessarily precisely, as described, and subject to changes and the other terms and conditions herein. To the maximum extent permitted by law, all other warranties, express and implied, including warranties of fitness for a specific purpose and merchantability are expressly excluded. There is no warranty that extends beyond the description of the face hereof.



The Operator shall be responsible to the guest for supplying the services and accommodation described in the itinerary, except where they cannot be supplied or the itinerary is changed due to delays or other causes of whatever kind or nature beyond the Operator's control. In such circumstances, the Operator will seek to supply comparable services, accommodation and itineraries and there shall be no refund in these circumstances.

Disclaimer of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither the Provider nor the Operator nor its agents or affiliated entities (“released parties”) shall be responsible or liable for cancellations, acts of other service providers, diversions or substitution of equipment or any act, variation, postponement, omission or default by air carriers, land carriers, hoteliers or hotels, transportation companies, or any other persons providing services or accommodation to guests not under the exclusive control of the released parties including any results thereof, such as changes in services, accommodation or facilities. Nor shall they be liable for loss or damage to baggage or property, or for any damages or claims whatsoever arising from loss, negligence or delay from the act, error, omission default or negligence of any person not its direct employee or under its exclusive control, including any act, error, omission, default, or negligence of any country, government or governmental authority, officer or employee. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the released parties shall not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages.

Nothing in this agreement limits any liability which cannot legally be limited, including but not limited to liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the released parties. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances at the risk of the trip participant. The Provider recommends that each guest obtains baggage insurance. After return at the end of the trip, if lost articles are found and returned to the owner, a service fee will be charged. The carriers, hotels and other suppliers who provide services on trip are independent contractors; they are not agents, employees or servants of the Operator or its associated companies. All certificates and other travel documents for services issued by the Operator are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the carriers and suppliers and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied. Carriage by sea is subject to the Carrier's Conditions of Carriage which are expressly incorporated into this contract, copies of which are available upon request. The released parties are not responsible for any criminal or other conduct by third parties, whether criminal, intentional, grossly negligent, negligent or otherwise.

Additional Risks

Additional risks may arise including, but not limited to, hazards of travelling in undeveloped areas, hazards of travel by boat, train, bus, car, truck, aircraft and other means, animals, forces of nature, unrest, differing levels of sanitation, differing safety standards, risks associated with water, drinks, food, plants, insects and animals, diseases and transmission of disease to you or members of your family or party, accident or illness in areas of difficult evacuation or poor medical facilities, acts of governments; all occurring during the trip or while coming to or returning from the trip. You are voluntarily participating, knowing there are risks. You agree to accept any and all risks. This release and discharge of liability, assumption of risk and agreement not to make a claim is entered into on behalf of you and all members of your family and party, also including minors. This agreement also binds your heirs, legal representatives and assigns.


Where the guest occupies a motorcoach seat fitted with a safety belt, neither the Provider nor the Operator nor its agents or co-operating organisations or service providers will be liable for any injury, illness or death or for any loss or damages or claims whatsoever arising from any accident or incident, if the safety belt is not being worn at the time of such an accident or incident. This exclusion and limitation of liability shall not be used to imply that the Operator or its agents or affiliated entities are liable in other circumstances.

International Treaties

Transportation companies, airlines etc. are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time guests are not on board planes, transportation or conveyances. We rely on international convention which may apply to the services provided by us, our suppliers or agents with respect to any claim of any nature brought by you against us as a result of the provision of those services. International conventions which apply may include: Warsaw Convention 1929, (as amended by Hague Protocol and Montreal Protocol) in relation to air travel, or Montreal Convention; the Berne Convention for rail travel; Athens Convention 1974 for carriage by sea; the Geneva Convention for carriage by road and the Paris Convention 1962 for Hotels. We are to be regarded as having all the benefits of these conventions on limiting our liability in relation to any claim for death, injury, loss, damage and delay to guests and luggage.

AAT Kings Tours Pty Ltd's Limited Role

AAT Kings Tours Pty Ltd is only responsible for the services of reservations and ticketing. It does not accept any responsibility or liability for any of the acts, omissions or defaults, whether negligent or otherwise, of any of the companies of the AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys group of companies.

All matters arising in relation to the services provided by AAT Kings Tours Pty Ltd, but not in respect of other things, are subject to the law of the state of New South Wales.

Errors and Omissions

In the case of computer or human billing errors, we reserve the right to re-invoice guests and their Travel Agents with correct billing.

Every effort is made to accuracy of our brochures and website; however, the Provider cannot be held responsible for printing or typographical errors, or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, photographs and descriptions of locations or attractions are merely representative of conditions that existed at time of brochure printing and conditions may not be the same at the time of your journey.

The airline(s) featured or nominated in our brochures or website do not by virtue of their endorsement commit or represent themselves either as contracting with any purchaser of a holiday from the Provider or as having any other legal relationship with them.

All bookings made with any provider of any transport, facilities, meals, other goods or of any services are subject to terms and conditions and exclusions and/or limitations of liability imposed by them in relation to matters not covered particularly and expressly by your agreement with the Provider.

If you decide that you do not want to visit a country or part of a country you intended to visit because of any law, condition or requirement of any government or governmental authority, official, servant or agent, you are responsible for any costs, expenses, charges, fees, losses or damage incurred as a consequence and any cancellation or amendment fees. None of the companies in The Travel Corporation group of companies, or any of their staff or agents, accept any responsibility or liability for your acts, omissions, defaults, conduct, state of health, condition or circumstances.


Complaint Procedures & Consumer Protection

Complaint Procedure

 If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform our Travel Director/Local Representative immediately, who will try to make things right. Such assistance may include providing information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance as well as arranging communication and/or making alternative travel arrangements. We may charge a fee for these services where you have caused the problem intentionally or by your own negligence. If the matter was not resolved locally, please write to the Guest Relations Department at the address provided in your travel documentation within sixty (60) days of the end of your holiday with us, as it is important that you provide us the information quickly. Please quote your booking reference number and all relevant information. Failure to follow this procedure may delay or deny us the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem, which may affect the way your complaint is dealt with and your rights under this contract.

In any legal action, arbitration, or other proceeding to enforce, interpret or construe the terms of this Agreement, or concerning any grievance relating to the trip, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover actual reasonable attorneys' fees, costs and expenses.

Data Protection

To process your trip booking, the Provider will need to use personal information for you and guests in your booking. Personal information may include each guest's name, address, phone number, email address, passport number, and sensitive information such as health, medical, dietary, mobility, religious or other special requirements. This personal information may be passed on to other suppliers of your travel arrangements in addition to public authorities (such as customs and immigration), security and credit checking organisations, and otherwise as required by law. We may need to provide personal information to contractors who provide services to or for us (e.g. sending mail, providing marketing assistance, etc). This may involve sending personal information (including sensitive information) to other countries that may not afford the same level of protection of personal information. In making your booking, you consent to your personal data being passed to relevant third parties as set out above.

We may also use the personal information you provide us to review and improve the guided holidays and services that we offer, and to contact you (by post, email and/or telephone) about other guided holiday and services offered by the Provider that you may be interested in. If you don't want to receive this information, or if you want a copy of the personal information we hold about you, you can update, delete, or request access to your personal information directly through our online form at If you would like to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you, write to us at AAT KINGS TOURS PTY. LTD., 82-86 BOURKE ROAD, ALEXANDRIA NSW 2015, AUSTRALIA. A fee may be charged for supplying you with this information as permitted by law.

Group Photos

We take the data privacy of our travellers and guests very seriously and are committed to abiding by the associated governing laws. Please be notified that from time to time our Travel Directors may organise group photo opportunities as part of trip experiences. Such photos may be shared to our company social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We will not share the image with anyone for any use other than for Company promotion. Please remove yourself from the group photos organised by the Director if you choose not to participate.


Other Conditions

Each guest is required to comply with the terms, conditions, requirements, laws, rules and/or regulations of any service provider, or any country or governmental authority, and shall be liable for any such non-compliance.

Booking Arrangements

Your booking arrangements can be made through your Travel Agent, an online booking agent or with the Provider directly. When you make a booking, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. You are guaranteeing that you understand and have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of yourself and all members of your party the terms of these booking conditions. We will deal only with the lead booking name in all subsequent correspondence and dealings. You are responsible for making all payments due, ensuring the accuracy of all personal details and other information supplied in respect of yourself and your party, notifying us of any changes or cancellations and for receiving correspondence and keeping your party informed.

Additional Optional Experiences

 With the Provider, you will enjoy many famous highlights as included features on your trip, at no extra cost. An exciting array of additional optional experiences and activities may be made available to further enhance your experience. These experiences and activities are optional and are offered at special preferential prices. In some locations they can be pre-booked before your trip, otherwise they can be booked during the trip. A detailed list and cost of these will be included in your travel documentation as well as available on the Provider website once they have been confirmed for your itinerary. You can book and pay for them through your Travel Director. Optional experiences and activities may vary due to seasonal conditions and often require minimum guest participation. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please also see the relevant section of "Trip Participation" regarding limitation (exclusion) of our liability for optional experiences and activities operated by independent third-party suppliers.


Discount Exemptions

Kings Club Guest Benefits

QCY - Cape York Frontier

QYC - Cape York Frontier

QGS - Gulf Savannah Wanderer

HRN - Horn Island

All Indian Pacific & The Ghan Rail product

UBOI - Jewels of the Bay

All Short Breaks

All Day Tours

2nd Holiday Discount

Tours less than 7 days in duration

QCY - Cape York Frontier

QYC - Cape York Frontier - Horn Island

QGS - Gulf Savannah Wanderer

All Indian Pacific & The Ghan Rail product

NAADR - Outback Adventure + Rail (The Ghan)

WEMPRE - Western Wonderland + Rail (Indian Pacific EAST-WEST)

WEMPRW - Western Wonderland + Rail (Indian Pacific WEST-EAST)

All Short Breaks

All Day Tours

Triple Share Discount

All Inspiring Journeys

QCY - Cape York Frontier

QYC - Cape York Frontier

QGS - Gulf Savannah Wanderer

Young Traveller Discount

All Inspiring Journeys

QCY - Cape York Frontier

QYC - Cape York Frontier

QGS - Gulf Savannah Wanderer

Group Travel Discount

WPBD - Wonders of the West Coast & Kimberley

WPMB - Wonders of the Pilbara & West Coast

WBD - Wonders of Kimberley

WDBP - Untamed Kimberley & West Coast ex Darwin

WDB - Untamed Kimberley

WBMP - Untamed Pilbara & West Coast

QCY - Cape York Frontier

QYC - Cape York Frontier

HRN - Horn Island

QGS - Gulf Savannah Wanderer

All Indian Pacific & The Ghan Rail product

NAADR - Outback Adventure + Rail (The Ghan)

WEMPRE - Western Wonderland + Rail (Indian Pacific EAST-WEST)

WEMPRW - Western Wonderland + Rail (Indian Pacific WEST-EAST)

All Short Breaks

All Day Tours

Concession Discount

QCY - Cape York Frontier

QYC - Cape York Frontier

QGS - Gulf Savannah Wanderer

Indian Pacific & The Ghan Rail product

NAADR - Outback Adventure + Rail (The Ghan)

WEMPRE - Western Wonderland + Rail (Indian Pacific EAST-WEST)

WEMPRW - Western Wonderland + Rail (Indian Pacific WEST-EAST)

All Short Breaks

All Day Tours

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