"Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd have had the pleasure of hosting guests on AAT Kings Tours at the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve on a regular basis since 2009. We have found AAT Kings to be a very professional organisation, who clearly take great pride in caring for their guests, and providing them with a quality experience. We highly recommend AAT Kings for those seeking professionally run and informative tours."

Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd

"Nick’s Restaurant and Bar Group has been working with AAT Kings for a long time. The team in AAT Kings are easy to work with, and very professional approach. I enjoy working with them very much."

Ted Suen - Inbound Sales Manager
Nick's Restaurant & Bar Group

"Bicheno Penguin Tours has had the pleasure of hosting many groups travelling with AAT KINGS on our penguin tours. We have found AAT KINGS to be a very professional travel company that obviously cares greatly for each and every one of their patrons, ensuring that they have a full and enjoyable tour."

Bicheno Penguin Tours