Bushfire Recovery Giveback Trips

Show Our Communities Your Support

AAT Kings has been working with Australian tourism operators for over 100 years. We live and breathe these communities – and they need us now more than ever. To help start providing immediate support to the communities that need it most, we’d like to invite you to join us on a Bushfire Recovery Giveback trip.

On these trips, we’re working with local communities to bring much-needed tourism directly back to the restaurants, cafes, farmers markets and local stores. Visitors will have plenty of time to wander through the town, and fill up their Eskies with fresh farm produce or locally made gifts – with 100% of the funds going directly back to the maker or producer. We’ve worked with local landholders to share stories of recovery, so that you will see and hear firsthand about how you can help these communities. Join us as we give back the best way that we can – to bring tourism back to these precious regions.

All Bushfire Recovery Giveback trips are 100% not-for-profit for AAT Kings, and have been designed in collaboration with the local community, working in a respectful way, to develop self-empowerment through an injection of funds in the community. More trips will released in coming days and weeks, as we support these communities to get back on their feet in the long-term.

Do good, feel good, go and say gday... And #MakeTravelMatter



Learn More about our current Recovery Trips

Bushfire Recovery Day Tour
#EmptyEsky to Shoalhaven

Join AAT Kings, in collaboration with #EmptyEsky, to show your support to the Shoalhaven community.


  • Visit the historic Kangaroo Valley, take the opportunity to buy locally-made preserves, leather goods, antiques or artwork.
  • Fill up your Esky with local farmers' produce at Nowra Farmers Market.
  • Private buffet lunch at Bangalay Dining made from locally sourced and native ingredients.

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Bushfire Recovery Short Break
#EmptyEsky 4 Day NSW South Coast

Join #EmptyEsky on this 4 day South Coast Bushfire Recovery Trip. In conjunction with #EmptyEsky, travel through the NSW South Coast over 4 days, giving live support to some of the regions most beloved towns, that have been affected by bushfires.


  • Departs 21st February 2020 from Sydney.
  • 3 Nights Accommodation at Bermagui and Batemans Bay.
  • Fill up your Esky with local farmers' produce along the way.
  • Meet local farmers and community members.
  • Volunteering day building a farm fence and hear stories from the locals.

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Bushfire Recovery Short Break
#EmptyEsky 3 Day Kangaroo Island

Join AAT Kings and #EmptyEsky on a 3 day trip to Kangaroo Island, visiting key regional producers and supporting this breathtaking Island in their Bushfire Recovery efforts.


  • Departs 6th March 2020 from Adelaide.
  • 2 Nights Accommodation at Kangaroo Island.
  • Fill up your Esky with local farmers' produce along the way.
  • Visit Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park which has been taking care of injured wildlife on the island.
  • Volunteering with Blaze Aid helping vineyard owners cut down trellises and irrigation piping.

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What is Empty Esky?


Empty Esky is a phenomenally successful grassroots campaign that inspires people to go on an adventure road trip to the many unique Australian towns affected by the recent bushfires … and spend their money on local goods and services.

Thousands of families have lost their homes, and sometimes loved ones. But the fires have also destroyed the habitats, agriculture, produce and tourism that many of these communities depend on.

Without jobs and incomes, no one can survive.

Empty Esky is a simple, effective, long-term way for all of us to help these towns bounce back.


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